The issue of global warming as a man-made or nature made phenomena, or even the issue of whether global warming is happening at all, is not necessarily so clearly a left-right issue.  At some point, even amidst the dross of bad biased studies and reporting, the truth will out in the scientific community, so much so that people with conservative values are tackling with the problem of global warming as a manmade event as an opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of developing solutions rooted in individual and local rights versus the top-down ideological ‘solutions’ that are currently being offered by the left.

But it’s not just global warming, it’s the notion of being in harmony with the environment, of taking care of the land we live in, of building in sustainable ways with our local environmental reality, that all of these ideas or suppositions are actually better reflected and achieved through conservative, not progressive values.

A whole new movement has emerged that struggles for a label, but, for now, is called simly the eco-right.


Rise of the Eco-Right

This is the plight of the “eco-Right,” our name for the few dozen lobbying, litigation, and activist nonprofits that identify themselves as free market or broadly right-of-center and yet are attempting to rebrand environmentalism and global warming ideology as conservative values. In the process, they are threatening to undermine both affordable energy in America and the future of the conservative movement.

The Capital Research Center broke the news on the liberal mega-donors secretly bankrolling leading members of the eco-Right as well as the carbon taxes and other burdensome regulations they propose. In this report, we’ve compiled years of research and reporting to reveal the funders, leadership, and lobbying of the eco-Right, exposing a web of overlapping boards and shared donors—all in service to a destructive and misleading agenda.

Our aim is to equip the reader with the basic tools to understand these groups and their goals so that no one is fooled into believing that consensus-driven science and alarmism are conservative values, however they’re presented.

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