Majorities in many countries are voting away freedom and ushering in a sort of democratic Caesarism and cancel culture extremism that are aimed at destroying religious freedom, especially for Christians and Jews, but really for everyone. We propose a peaceful and ambitious response using the vehicles of national identity and religious freedom, recognized under international law, to assert our rights to build our own parallel structures on the basis of that identity and our religious convictions.

Our response to the growing Caesarism is to use a form of nationhood that will insulate us from these freedom-denying trends and that will perpetuate and protect freedom for future generations.

By creating a “nationality” as an ethnic group or national people, based on a shared faith, we have a ready-made and established vehicle for asserting our own sociocultural and socioeconomic life that is reocnginzed under international law for all peoples and that can become the basis of creating new parallel structures which perpetuate and protect our way of life.

Through a modern adaptation of the ancient extended multi-family household community (Oikos), based on this intentional nationhood, we have a ready-made local structure for transmitting a Christian culture and way of life for multiple generations even in an un-Christian sociocultural setting.

Understand this and understand it well: ONLY the vehicle of “ethnicity” allows us this opportunity to assert our rights to self-determination under international law. Only the claim to be a unique ethnicity, which organizes as local kinship communities, shields us from all attempts to violate our sacred rights to build communities and structures for the primary benefit of our fellow Peers. Only this status as an ethnic group allows us to preserve our unique way of life on sociocultural grounds, not on the grounds of individual rights alone.

Ethnicity based on a spiritual foundation of beliefs and values and way of life, nationhood as we call it, is ESSENTIAL to building our freedoms in a hostile culture. We have to both differentiate ourselves and engage the world around us. The balance here is both separation based on preserving our way of life and Christian witness and in being a salt and light witness of truth and love to others outside our faith and national communities. Nationhood allows us to find that balance in a peaceful and proactive manner.

Such a form of nationhood must both be broad enough to possibly include millions of people but narrow enough to make it distinct as its own identity and lifestyle and therefore legally protected from discrimination and suppression by existing national peoples or even any political state. It is a more narrowly defined identity than the universal elements of historic Christian doctrinal and ethical orthodoxy, for instance, and would be distinct from existing national people groups.

Upadarians may have things like African tribal, German, English, Chinese, Jewish, or other ancestries, but the Upadarian nationality is distinct and separate from these nationalities. Upadarians in America may be patriotic to their country, but they are a distinct nationality like unto an indigenous tribal nation or other ethnic groups.

If your concern is freedom and your desire is to live a Christian lifestyle in peace, then nationhood is the best path for liberation and prosperity in the face of a growing Caesarism. The idea of intentionally creating a NEW nationality based on Christian ideals, principles, and practices may seem “far fetched” but every single nationality of people, of which there are around 10,000 on the planet, was at some point “created” from one or more other existing national peoples.

The major flaw in a strictly individual application of freedom, the rights you own as a human being, is that there is no at-scale legal structure that can gurantee those rights, especially when Caesarism stalks your land. But if we use the definition of ethnicity under international law and the special legal protections against ethnic discrimination as well as for ethnic self-determination we begin to build the basis of freedom that both protects your individual rights and provides at-scale structures more or less reocnginzed under international law to uphold those rights.

If the Upadarian nation as a PEOPLE, and ethnicity, has its own Society as a legal structure to represent the rights of its people then any effort to violate the rights of Upadarians to live our way of life becomes ethnic discrimination and also engages the perpetrators with a much larger-scale entity that cannot be easily cowed. In creating our own ethnic identity as a spiritual nation without well-defined standards and norms we insulate ourselves from discrimination and we create at-scale entities to represent us to the larger society and international community.

Let’s stipulate that nobody has a right to vote away our freedom to live, practice, and share your beliefs, values, and freedom with whomever you choose. Even when a majority vote against freedom, being fooled or cowed or otherwise convinced to do so, we owe them no loyalty or subnission where it violates our inherent human dignity and human rights, or spiritual sovereignty. But in practical terms we have to use available means and methods to preserve and build freedom in the face of Caesarism.

Our approach to building freedom is probably way outside of your realm expectations and experience, but, we submit, it is the right approach. Indeed, it is the only viable approach.

Our approach to personal and corporate liberation and to building freedom is this thing we call intentional nationhood. It is something we own a sacred right to build among ourselves. Nobody has any right to prevent us from doing this. It is something with its own social, cultural, economic, and civic relationships and structures which can exist in parallel with existing structures and independently of them. Moreover, building such structures remains a sacred right that comes from God, who has ordained nations, and cannot be denied by man.

We desire this freedom not only for ourselves but for everyone in the world.

Violence and insurrection, rebellion and sedition, secession or revolution are not any kind of answers we seek. Our concept comes from ancient history, it reflects an historic process whereby a small plurality of people inwardly withdraw from the old system and unilaterally create a new nationality of people based on the kinds of ideals that permeate a new civilization in its emergence. The new emerges as the old flails about and tries to use Caesar to replace its destroyed inner spiritual and creative life.

Let’s be clear, and this is difficult to convey as well as hard to grasp, nationhood as a concept and as an adopted shared identity is as essential to surviving the Caesarism of a late civilization as it is to ensure the birth of a new civilization during a time when the old civilization experiences collapse and ruin. Mere ideology and political activities confined within the old systems are inadequate and no serious lover of freedom would rely on such a shallow approach. Trying to reform 9r restructure an existing and dying civilization has not once succeeded in human history!

The fundamental problem is a civilizational paradigm imposed by a top-down system of control created to perpetuate a ruling class with a “world-as-spoil” ideology. The old identities, even our precious identity as Americans, lose their original spirit and intent, are watered down to absurdity, and change into something of a monstrosity. The need of the hour is, foremost, for the deliberate creation of a new national identity that deliberately follows the ideals of a new civilization and eschews the decadent worldview and lifestyle of the old.

What we call “Upadaria” is a new form of shared national identity based on the core ideals of an essentially Christian civilization that promotes equality of freedom and justice for all human beings. By adopting this nationality you change your own paradigm, you deliberately re-create the ancient ways of a new civilization, and you reclaim your spiritual sovereignty as a free human being.

We will NEED this nationality to unify people on a grand scale without having to create a centralized top-down hierarchy that could easily be destroyed by a Caesarist regime. Everyone who has the core spiritual and then social, cultural, economic, and civic DNA of our spiritual nation has the raw ingredients for building a life of material independency from the Caesarist structures. These people can act alone or locally with a few fellow Upadarians to build relationships, associations, and organizations that nurture this most Christian way of life and holistically provide for their own basic needs.

Without this nationhood, we will flounder and fail because nothing will stop this present civilization and every country under its purview from turning to Caesarism.


If you are Christian or a socially conservative person living in a morally backwards, increasingly authoritarian cancel culture society and you desire to live and love in peace and freedom where you can prosper and be a faithful witness to the Gospel, then, we humbly submit, the concept and practice of a Biblical form of nationhood is going to be essential to your future.

Our desire is not to reform this present sociocultural and socioeconomic system, nor to impose our most Christian sociocultural norms on others. Our desire is to remain free to prosper, to live and love in peace, and to be a positive witness and influence through words, examples, deeds, and service to others. We desire to build the social farbic of a Christian way of life and witness to the world through the concepts and practices of a Biblical form of nationhood which connects people of like beliefs, values, and convictions in an organic way, in freewill participation as opposed to any form of coercive control through top-down centralized hierarchies.

It is clear to us from the Bible that God desires a multitude of diverse nations of people, each unique but all with the same core Kingdom DNA, to occupy (as in inhabit and be a witness to) this world and to actually govern the world to come.

We are witnessing the classic story of the Tower of Babel over and over with some playing the role of Nimrod, trying to make of many diverse people one top-down nationality that is based on authoritarianism and centralized hierarchies. The Bible shows us in Acts 17:26-27 how God sees and ordains nations as diverse manifestations of the same spiritual DNA, all with the same God and faith, but all solely through freewill participation, all with their own unique place in history, and all with their own homelands.

Through a Biblical understanding and application of nationhood many people all over the world can begin to act as one without a centralized hierarchical system of top-down control. Additionally, and importantly, there are provisions and blessings reserved unto such nations of people that are released ONLY to and through them.

There is a KEY to understanding nationhood from a Biblical perspective and how it relates to an authoritarian overreach within the existing sociocultural and socioeconomic structures. That key is that spiritual nations whose God is the Lord can tap into and release blessings of provision and protection that are only reserved for such nations. Through God’s blessings of provision and favor all the people within a nation whose God is the Lord live within a Divine sacred border (pomerium) which is protected by the Armies of Heaven.

Our spiritual nation, called “Upadaria” after the UPDR Ideals of a Christian civilization, will be blessed according to that Biblical promise and the people and their lands will come within this pomerium of God’s provision and protection. Our nation is intended to play a unique role in being a contemporary example of a spiritual nation of people whose God is the Lord and in being a vanguard people of a new Christian civilization.

Many existing national peoples will use this example to redefine their national identity and way of life to center on the person and works of Yeshua and many new and intentional spiritual nations will emerge, all within the framework of Kingdom essentials and a new Christian civilization.

We will not say that “Upadaria” will be the only such vanguard people in the coming age wherein nationhood as a concept drives a global Christian witness to the nations. We can say that this role is essential to the shared sense of mission and destiny that guides the way we, as a nation of people distributed all over the world, will live and act together.

A “Upadarian”, or Peer of our spiritual nation, wherever they live and whatever their ancestry and church affiliation, is a Christian with a heart for the lost in every nation and in every land or country in this world. A Upadarian desires to practice a Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused lifestyle, they desire to fulfill God’s best for their lives with excellence, and they desire to both individually and as a nation be an effective witness and influence for Yeshua to the nations.

Key to the Upadarian way of life is the intentional re-creation of the lost ancient, but essential, institutions such as the extended family and multi-family households of faith as well as kinship communities where kinship is a spiritual identity as opposed to being limited to blood or race.

A Upadarian Household Community, called a Shirehold, is envisioned as a kinship community of around 120 peers of our spiritual nation who behave as an ancient extended multi-family household community that cares for its members not unlike a single nuclear family would. This is the key to understanding a Upadarian way of life: organizing and living within your own marriage and nuclear family, a kinship group of 3-5 or so Upadarian nuclear families, and a kinship community of around 120 or so Peers of our spiritual nation.

Put another way, only sociocultural and socioeconomic structures like our Shirehold community, which cater mostly to people of the same national identity, can convey culture and faith for generations to come and preserve a Christian lifestyle even in a hostile social and cultural setting.

Only the dual claims of religious freedom and ethnic self-determination can buttress such communities from unjust external interference. We say our concept of family is a multi-family kinship community of around 120 adults of the same ethnicity, even though we also say OUR ethnicity is based on spiritual and then sociocultural beliefs and convictions as opposed to solely blood ties or biological ancestry. We claim that it is our firm religious belief that being part of such a nation is our calling from God and that being part of such a family is essential to our national identity and religious faith.

From a “religious freedom” perspective, we believe it is God’s will for us to cluster together as extended familial household communities and that the essence of family in our belief system, as ordained for us by God, is this multi-family extended household community of around 120 adults. The idea that such a familial community cannot exclusively hold land in common and cohabitate therein is a violation of our religious freedom because we believe God intends and ordains us to live in such a manner.

Moreover, what we view as our “national homeland” consists of all the Estates and larger hubs and hub communities created for the primary use and benefit of Upadarians and our core shared mandates to the greater world, such as being missional in reaching others for Yeshua and helping Christian refugees. While our national pomerium covers all lands and property owned or controlled by all peers of Upadaria, and every single Upadarian, our “distributed homeland of heart and hearth”, includes specific lands held under trust by a national institution of Upadaria for the primary benefit of Upadarians and to carry out our shared mandates.

In the beginning we believe most Shirehold communities will be distributed, with conmon facilities somewhere in the vicinity of members, that also serve subscribers of our virtual commonwealth and the surrounding Christian and natural community. It is not EVER mandatory that anyone live within a Shirehold’s Estate to be part of that Shirehold. But it is their RIGHT to do so, provided they fulfill the practical requirements (e.g. cost-sharing). As we proceed, most Shireholds may HAVE an Estate or Villa but they are not defined by this, they can exist without this if need be, and nobody is REQUIRED to live therein.

As noted, only the Estates/Villas of a kinship group (around 15 or so adults) or an entire Shirehold community, and larger hubs and hub communities, are considered part of our globally-distributed homeland. We do not need or require political sovereignty to preserve our homelands provided the host countries recognize and respect our nationhood as a tribal sovereignty and our lands as a tribal homeland. All of our political activities are directed toward achieving this status.

Normally, and we foresee in the future for us, blood kinship and nationhood are connected to a substantial degree. Initially, as our spiritual nation is intentional and our familial household communities are based on our shared nationhood, most of the members of our first Shireholds will not be blood related. Moreover, even as and when we begin to see most members of Upadarian Shireholds are more or less also blood related, Peerage in our nation and acceptance into a Shirehold community will not be strictly limited to and will not be defined in terms of blood relations.

It is of extreme sensitivity that we remember always: being in freewill participation with a Upadarian Shirehold does not disconnect you from your own blood kin or ancestors, it isn’t a substitute for your local church, and it isn’t a substitute for your citizenship as a loyal member of your country (whether by birth or choice).

While it may be more “convenient” when blood kin are ALSO members of your Shirehold community, it remains true that you owe a responsibility of mutual care to your blood kin regardless of whether they are called to be a Peer of our spiritual nation!

Upadarians believe that we should serve God first and foremost, then our spouses and children and people under our care, our blood relations, and then our national community, church community, fellow Christians, and fellow citizens, in balance and all for the Glory of God. Being part of Upadaria should FACILITATE you being able to do this and never detract from you doing this.

Anyone who uses their Upadarian identity to cut themselves off from relatives, friends, fellow Christians, their church, or their fellow citizens and their country does not understand the vision or ethics of Upadaria!

We envision these kinship communities as the core constituent entities of our spiritual nation, of the area to regional Ecclesia of ALL Believers of any national identity and church affiliation, of every country, and of the whole of Christian civilization. To be painfully and abundantly clear, in our view, according to our religious conviction, “family” is nothing less than a whole kinship community, generally cohabitating something like a small village or large estate within a larger pluralistic community of diverse people. This includes other Christian national communities, fellow Believers, and even non-Christians on the basis of a common freedom standard.

This isn’t a top-down thing. These kinds of kinship communities, where kinship is defined in spiritual terms through freewill participation, emerge organically but use a common blueprint and framework. Even when most of the people in a kinship community are blood related, it is the spiritual connection through freewill participation in a shared nationhood that defines who and what they are. Even people born into a kinship community must at some time decide that this is part of who they are and part of their own scroll of destiny and purpose in order to remain a stakeholder in that community.

In cases where someone born into a kinship community decides this Upadarian nationality doesn’t fit their scroll of destiny and purpose, these people may not be stakeholders but they are also not shunned or shamed or physically removed or otherwise disconnected from the people in that community. We recognize that nationhood from a spiritual perspective is always based on freewill participation and that it isn’t for everyone.

Where legal structures that can make this type of community a legal entity recognized under law are lacking, a multi-faceted approach may be necessary with a number of legal structures like a mutual benefit society, mutual benefit corporations, land trust, club, or whatever is necessary. All political activity by the larger networks, chapters, branch societies, and international society will be directed toward gaining legal standing and protection from the country where these communities are located and under international law.

Having our own well-defined ethnicity as per the legal requirements under international law is a strong step in this direction and is essential to any claims for a carve-out from laws, regulations, and policies that would inhibit our way of life according to our shared religious and sociocultural beliefs, values, and convictions.

We have to be very careful to limit our political activities to preserving or creating and then preserving our way of life and status, namely as a tribal sovereignty or domestic nation and for our lands to become like unto reservations or homelands. We do not aim to re-create or fashion existing countries into homelands for our nation alone. Our larger vision for society is to become a free and pluralistic society of equals which allows many diverse nations and individuals to enjoy maximum self-determination and individual liberty.

Despite there being various larger-scale organizations planned around the Upadarian nationality, like branch societies and the international society, there isn’t a centralized system of control to dictate the who and where about these parallel sociocultural and socioeconomic structures, mostly within the Shirehold community, which any group of people animated by our common nationhood can create unilaterally without asking for anyone’s permission.

These kinship communities can exist outside any “official” affiliation with other entities, though doing so definitely has its legal advantages. This is especially true when the international society is recognized as representing our ethnicity under international law and if the branch society is reocnginzed as the “government” of a tribal entity representing all Upadarians within that country. Moreover, the more such such communities affiliate with and pool resources to support the international society and branch societies the more likely such recognition will come!

In the early days of building our nationality, using things like a website, a platform, and a book, we have no such recognition, but we do have the recognition and mandate of heaven and we do have the pomerium of God’s protection which surrounds every piece of land owned or controlled by every peer of our nation. It is certain that earthly recognition will follow Heavenly recognition!

Being connected to our nation, as a Peer, adds a layer of spiritual protection and provision beyond that which is available to individuals just as being married adds another layer of love and affection from God which can only come through Holy Matrimony. This is ALWAYS a good thing, but it is especially necessary during the emergence of an era of Caesarism!

It always bears repeating that our kinship communities fall within the unique element of spiritual nationhood. A Upadarian kinship community doesn’t replace your church. It doesn’t replace your country and citizenship in your country. It doesn’t erase your own unqiue ancestry. It doesn’t replace your blood kin, to whom you also owe responsibilities. It certainly doesn’t impinge on your own individuality but it enhances and increases the odds for the successful fulfillment of God’s scroll of destiny and purpose for your life.

If we have any hope or vision for society at large, it is to perpetuate and nurture a form of free and pluralistic unity in diversity which allows diverse forms of nationhood among the people in any given locality or land. We cannot even dictate this vision, and our expectations are not very high, but we can promote this kind of pluralistic freedom and equality of justice and opportunity for all as a common standard for every country on this planet.

Our political agenda is basically designed around perpetuating these kinship communities and gaining legal protection for them and gaining some form of legal standing for our branch societies as tribal entities, our lands as tribal homelands, and our international society as a distributed non-territorial sovereignty with equal standing to political states under international law.

We do not eschew political engagement: we encourage Peers to vote and envision a Caucus system to identify candidates and issues which might be deemed so essential that all Peers are urged to vote “en bloc” to support or protect against. Our first priority is our own status and standing both under international law and with regard to the country where we live. Our second priority is Christians in general, advocating for those facing discrimination and persecution and for religious freedom in general. Our third priority is freedom in general with respect to human dignity and human rights to promote equitable and just human flourishing.

That all being said, politics and political activism are not the means by which Upadaria will emerge. They remain a reality of power with which we can advocate for ourselves but with full realization that our sovereignty, mandate, and recognition comes from Heaven and not from this earth.

We are not into top-down control, we don’t have gurus or special ruling class authorities, we don’t isolate from other Christians or the world, and we don’t do secession or revolution against our countries where we live. Our form of nationhood is unique as a diversity expression of Kingdom Nationhood in Yeshua, it isn’t divisive or hostile toward the surrounding Christian community or to our own blood kin, our ancestors, and our own country. Again and again we say: to be a Upadarian doesn’t require you to join anything, submit to any human agency or authority, or buy anything. It is something you adopt and become because it fits God’s scroll of destiny and purpose for your life.

But to become a Peer of Upadaria, our spiritual nation, as well as, additionally, our global virtual commonwealth, is to desire and seek to fulfill the manifestation of these forms of kinship communities among fellow Peers as a means of creating islands for freedom, as a means of providing refuge to ourselves and especially persecuted Christians, and as a means of being a living witness and influence for Yeshua to the nations of people around us.

Becoming a Peer of our spiritual nation is something between God and you alone. You make a formal pledge to God to UTILIZE and be guided by our 17 Protocols as God leads and provides and in connection to those you believe God wants you to associate with. You don’t pledge to or submit to another set of human beings who lord over you as kings or prelates or anything like that. If you CHOOSE to join our planned international society your Peerage will need to be confirmed, but this doesn’t mean your Peerage within our spiritual nation comes from people, it comes from God and your pledge to live out this way of life is only ever between God and you.

The intentional planting of these Upadarian Shireholds (kinship communities), and larger scale distributed communities within areas and regions all over the world, is essential to a sort of spiritual revolution within, a peaceful and organic movement that will help usher in the emergence of a new civilizational paradigm forged in Kingdom Essentials adapted to the 21st century and beyond.

Unlike worldy revolutions, based on force and militarism, the Upadarian Revolution is a totally peaceful and emergent movement based only on freewill participation that seeks only to be that which we proclaim without imposing itself on anyone else. By providing the spiritual DNA of our nation, and its blueprints and frameworks for parallel structures within a hostile and authoritarian system, we ensure the emergence of “Upadaria” as one of many diverse “Kingdom Nations” that will reach all the nations of this world for Yeshua.

Our concept of nationhood does not replace the local church or the universal church, it is in fact its own separate and distinct element within the Kingdom, an element little understood or never taught within the modern-day religious establishment. Upadaria is a nation, not a church or denomination, and people of all Christian churches and denominations who hold to historic Christian moral and doctrinal orthodoxy are welcome to become Peers of our spiritual nation without in any way giving up their present church affiliation.

We assert and propose that forms of nationhood such as we intend to proclaim, impart, and practice are essential in the 21st century to building a form of freedom that cannot be suppressed or denied by a top-down hierarchical sociocultural and socioeconomic system that is becoming hostile to Christians and authoritarian in its essence.

As and when the organic cohesiveness provided by this form of spiritual nationhood allows people to readily build these kinship communities in their midst and through freewill participation, it becomes impossible for political and military force to sweep them aside: they are everywhere and they can disperse and reconstitute anywhere at any time, therefore they cannot be controlled or destroyed.

Nationhood is based on shared identity, shared purposes, and shared convictions about social, cultural, economic, and civic life that are not necessarily universal to the whole Body of Christ but that are all forged in Kingdom Essentials, such as historical Christian doctrinal and ethical orthodoxy. Nationhood, and by this we mean DIVERSE FORMS OF NATIONHOOD IN CHRIST, is essential to a Kingdom Age in which the spiritual sovereignty of each Believer can be actualized and the nations of this world can be reached in word, deed, example, and service.

The intentional creation of a globally-distributed spiritual nation of people whose God is the Lord is part of a larger civilizational paradigm shift within the whole Body of Christ that will see all the core elements of the Kingdom, including the church, develop more into a more mature and powerful manifestation of the Kingdom of God among us.

While the world becomes more primed for the ultimate fulfillment of history and the last days, we believe the Kingdom of God will be made more manifest and visible among humanity and within all the lands and among all the peoples of this earth. The wicked will get worse but the righteous will get better.

No centralized hierarchical system of top-down control can usher in the coming Kingdom Age among the Elect or the final conclusion of the history of this present world before the world to come arrives. Our particular vision and diversity expression of Kingdom Nationhood in Yeshua is not the totality of what is coming, but it is in the vanguard of that emergence.

To be free in the 21st century will demand movements and structures based on a form of Biblical nationhood that stands on freewill participation and not coercion or control, a type of revolution that emerges from within people and their freewill associations and not through political control or violence, and parallel structures that are formed unilaterally among people to suit their needs and circumstances.

Politics can be employed to protect the rights, persons, and property of those who engage in such a revolution within, but they cannot be the vehicle for that organic emergence that must only ever come from the heart and be expressed by means of freewill participation.

We, as a nation of people whose God is the Lord and as a constituent community within the whole universal nationhood of all Believers, are not trying to reform the world. Our aim is to reach the nations for Yeshua until His Return in Glory.

Through this form of nationhood we will build freedom in the 21st century and beyond both for ourselves and, through our example and service, for others. As the worldlings fall for the trap of Caesarism, we will enjoy the kind of true freedom that flows from God to every nation of people whose God is the Lord.

We assert that without this kind of nationhood all attempts in this century and beyond to protect people from the trend toward a hostile Caesarism will utterly fail because they don’t go deep enough or far enough and because they depend too much on changing a fallen world through politics and force. Only the use and practice of nationhood forged in Kingdom Essentials will avail us in the coming worldlings’ era of Caesarism and will allow us to experience the Kingdom Age of the Elect.

Our claims and approach are twofold:

First, we believe we can build and become our own nationality as our own ethnicity by choice and that, as such under international law, to prevent us from living as Upadarian nationals is ethnicity discrimination and violates our national self-determination which rests on our ethnicity and not statehood.

Second, we believe that it is our religious conviction that both being connected to such a national people and being part of a family, defined by us as nothing short of an extended kinship community, is part of our calling as ordained by God and you deny or neglect this is to disobey our God and our conscience.

In creating our nation as an intentional ethnicity based on our shared faith and on the basis of our explicit ideals, principles, practices, and mandates as a nation called into being by God as a witness for Yeshua to the nations, we are also laying the groundwork for similar such national peoples and in defense of the rights of self-determination for all peoples and the human dignity and human rights of all individuals.

The call to become a peer of our spiritual nation is indeed a call to build freedom for ourselves and others on the basis of Kingdom Essentials and through using existing legal standards and norms under international law to preserve our way of life and basic rights even within a hostile, Caesarist, cancel culture society.

If we build our nationality and its attendant structures, like our virtual commonwealth platform and our international society, it will, first and foremost, enjoy the protection and provision of God because it is reocnginzed in heaven and protected by the Armies of Heaven. Second, and importantly from a practical perspective, it uses international law and even existing laws in many countries which protect the rights and self-determination of ethnic groups.

While today the number of people calling themselves Upadarians is low, below 100 as of September 2021, the more people identify with this nationality and engage in building its structures the more we will get closer to some form of recognition that protects us from the freedom-takers that rule Western Civilization as it devolves into hedonism and Caesarism.

If the majority of people want this, they can have it, but as for us, our national people and our families, defined as Shireholds, want no part in this and own an inherent right to opt out and remain free.