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Burning the Quran

Is Burning the Koran un-american?

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We at the Freedomist do not believe that it is constructive at all to burn the Koran as the Florida Outreach Center plans on doing. We do, however, support their constitutional right to burn the Koran. It is not a reflection on our culture that burning the Koran triggers death threats from Islamo-Fascists, but rather it is a reflection on the barbaric, intolerant, bigoted culture that seems to breed so many fanatics willing to murder in the name of Allah.

Do we have this level of outrage when Islamo-Fascists burn the american flag, bibles, the israeli flag, effigies of our Presidents? Do we declare fatwahs on Islamo-Fascist filmakers that portray Christ as being a sex addict? Were people murdered when South Park showed Jesus defecating on the American flag, or when pop artist Serano (sp?) showed the crucifix in a container of Urine (he called it ‘pissed christ’)?
So, while it is in bad taste to burn the Koran, and it does nothing to constructively protest the real threat of Islamo-Fascism in the world AND in the US, it is NOT un-american to burn any book, even the bible (though it is definitely unchristian to do so).
As for being a threat to U.S troops, do the Islamo-Fascist murderers need any more reason to go out and kill Americans, whether they be soldiers OR civilians? No, not really. They live to kill, and live to die in the name of Allah, and THAT is most un-American of all.

Paul Collier