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Who Is REALLY Endangered By Iran Nukes- Surprising Answer

William Collier- World Intel Analysis- When my wife asked me “what would happen if Iran nuked Israel” it set off a series of question which left me with surprising answers.

I began to run down the scenarior of an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel and what I found was that there simply was no location where dropping a nuclear weapon on Israel favored the Iranian objectives. Anywhere such a weapon is dropped the resulting damage and fallout would severely hurt the Arab/Muslim populations nearby. Moreover, Jerusalem would be contaminated with radiation no matter where such a weapon was released in Israel.

Of course, that may not stop Iran’s psychopathic rulers from taking such an action, but it does pose an interesting question- if Israel is not really a viable target for Iranian nuclear weapons, WHO is?

It is clear that Iran IS building nuclear weapons. Anyone who doubts this is just not a serious, thinking person regarding world affairs.

If Israel is not the target directly, it is certainly the target of the nuclear program indirectly. There are targets that Iran would want to hit in order to isolate Israel and prepare the battlefield, as it were, for a more conventional attack. Iranian forces are already in Syria and are possibly moving into Lebanon.

Who then would be the target?

I propose two such targets- the straits of Hormuz or, more properly, the US and Allied naval forces there, and Europe itself.

The idea is to attack some strategic spot in Europe OR use the threat of a nuclear attack to compell the Europeans to sit on the sidelines in the case of a general Jihad against Israel. Never mind that European nations and their ally, the US, have the ability to respond in kind: the Iranian strategic concept is not based on the traditional calculus of a “winnable war”.

Iran’s leaders believe that their unleashing of a general war will bring out the “Mahdi”, a mythic figure who will come at the end of the ages to usher in a global Jihad culminating in a global Islamic caliphate. Their calculus is not based on a balance of forces that shows they would eventually have to lose, all they are concerned with is succesfully starting such a war that they believe this “Mahdi” will finish.

It is ironic that Israel is most determined to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon while Europe and US forces in the Middle East are more likely targets of such a weapon than Israel.

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