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Christan News-Editorial-William Collier-Multiverse

Welcome To The Multiverse!
The Science of the UNSEEN

The tendency of humanity’s sinful nature to deny God and the eternal in favor of a life without constraint, or guilt, has expressed itself, in part, in the doctrine of a Creatorless universe and an arrogant science that says “whatever we cannot see and touch or detect with human instruments cannot possibly be real.”

One of the basic assumptions of this godless science, which is not simply science, but science clouded by a bias against a belief in any kind of Creator, has been that the “Big Bang” was a single event which was the beginning of something, this universe, from nothing, a void. The mystery these godless scientists wanted to solve was the mystery of the big bang and they thought that if they had a “theory of everything” that explains the basic laws that underlay all processes in the physical universe, from the largest to the smallest, they could create a model of exactly how and when the processes of spontaneous existence occurred.

The good news was that, after conflicting theories were rationalized, there emerged a theory that explained the process of what is referred to as the “Big Bang”, in fact the mathematical model fits and if you follow it, we can see the very moment of the inception of this universe, what was called “the singularity.” The bad news, for those whose science has dismissed much of religious faith on the basis that all that we can see is all there is, was that the same mathematical model that takes us to the “singularity” keeps on going and, after popping us out on the other side, BEFORE the singularity, shows us something quite unexpected: before there was THIS universe there were MULTIPLE other universes!

But it gets better!

Not only were there multiple universes, at least two of which had to have collided, according to their theory, to cause the “big bang”, but these multiple universes exist in different dimensions. There are, according to this theory, 11 dimensions IN THIS UNIVERSE, and whatever is in those dimensions is right in front of us and around us: worlds unseen right in the midst of us! That’s right folks, the scientists now have to admit what people of faith have always known: what we see and feel is NOT all there is. On one TV show a scientists says “we always assumed that if we couldn’t see something or measure it, it didn’t exist.” Really? You mean, like, GOD? Like heaven or hell or spirits or angels or devils? Like spiritual principalities?

While godless science continues to deny God, at least they have begun to acknowledge the science of the unseen.

Welcome to the multiverse!