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From viable to parental choice, the tolerance of infanticide through Roe v Wade- source-

Kelly Boggs of Baptist Press writes an excellent article about the after effects of the Roe v Wade decision on the morality of Americans as reflected, ironically, in a debate between two Australian College Professors- the debate was about the preservation of life for a fetus who is outside the body and alive after an attempted abortion. The writer, Kelly Boggs, points out that the mere premise itself is a pathological outgrowth of the Roe v Wade decision, where the black robed oligarchy created a Constitutional standard of ‘viability outside the womb’ to justify the murder of the unborn, but that limit is now being crossed as people become inured to the sterile, neutral depiction of the process of killling an unborn child for the convenience of the parents. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here: