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United States Suspends Muslim Groups

In A Parallel Universe…..
Washington, DC— US authorities suspended two Muslim foreign aid groups Monday on suspicion of proselytizing in the strictly Christian nation and said a follow-up investigation would include whether other groups were trying to convert Christians.

In the United States, a strictly Christian nation, it is illegal for non-Christians to proselytize Christians. A prison sentence or even the death penalty may be applied.

Wahlid Ahmed Husseini, director of the Islamic Missionary Converts Society, one of the Muslim aid groups shut down, stated on Monday (May 31, 2010) that “there is a clear Pan-Christian Agenda for Crusading against Muslims and Humanists and to make the American continent a Musllim free zone in this world.”

The government of American ally, Egypt, a Muslim Nation with close ties to America, was said to be privately furious with this affront to religious freedom, but publicly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that while it was unfortunate that religious freedom in America was not being upheld as strictly as it is in Egypt, where such laws against Christians proselytizing Muslims do not exist, “the right of self-determination of the American People in their culture cannot be denied.”

The story received no more attention than last month’s execution in Denver of a Muslim woman who had been converted to Islam and estranged from her Christian husband of 25 years. While some Muslim Rights groups were up in arms, the public beheading of this woman was not covered by the media.

Wahlid noted, “it seems utterly hypocritical that whenever a Muslim nation or groups does anything wrong, or even anything that looks wrong, the media howls in protest and Christians take to the streets screaming ‘CRUSADE, CRUSADE!’ but when a Christian Nation so blatantly violates the religious freedom of Muslims, and executes people who convert, barely a protest is made!”


Change “America” to almost ANY Muslim Nation and change “Egypt” to America and you will get a clear picture of how the Pan-Islamic Agenda is being ignored and brushed under the carpet. We MUST stop ingoring what is happening in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and everywhere there is a government that calls itself “Muslim” and we must ask some hard questions and let’s see how the Muslim world, which is always carping about “rights” and “holy cities” and what not, would feel if we took the same approach THEY do:

  1. Why do the Arabs want Judea and Samaria when they have the WHOLE Middle East?
  2. When will Turkey be held accountable for its GENOCIDE against Armenian Christians and its continued OCCUPATION of Christian Holy Lands, including Pontus, Galitia, Antioch, and Constantinople?
  3. Why is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem the site of a Muslim Mosque instead of a Jewish Temple?
  4. When will Christians start to DEMAND respect and religious freedom WITHIN the nations mentioned above for Christians and ALL people?
  5. Why do people find it fashionable to lament every move Israel makes, every mistake, while EVERY DAY Muslims commit atrocities against women, Christians, Atheists, and others who do not share their faith, all in the name God?

If the US passed a law against Muslims practicing their faith, Christians in America would riot, because we believe in religious freedom, but if we believe in religious freedom in America as an inherent, inalienable right, then we MUST believe it is inherent and inalienable for ALL people in ALL nations, and we must not be silent as Christians, Jews, Atheists, or whoever are oppressed and persecuted at the hands of their governments!