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Unions of the world are crying out to the world governments to spend, spend spend.  In the face of crippling deficits and mounting debts, the unions of the world are coming together in solidarity to demand the governments of the world ignore the people in their countries who may be calling for fiscal retraint and spend their way to job creation, never mind that the spending has caused this worldwide economic crisis in the first place.

This move highlights the dangers of out-of-control union corporate machines that galvanize their rank and file to follow the party line under the false premise that these Union leaders are really working hard to preserve the standard of living of the workers that involuntariliy line their pockets through union dues.

This move is not about preserving jobs or creating jobs, but about preserving unions, unions that are filled with millions forced to send money to preserve the standard of living of their fat cat union bosses-


Sky News: Unions urge jobs action by G20