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The United Nations’ small arms treaty now wending through that unelected and unaccountable body contains language in it that openly states the treaty will make illegal what governments and their constitutions have made legal.  If you are reading closely, what this means is the UN is asserting its right to override the American Constitution for so-called ‘International Law’, and, so far, the United States of America under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, our International representative, have not only not made a peep about this, but seem to support the ratification going forward.

If Obama is re-elected without a progressive House and Senate, perhaps another Presidential mandate could circumvent our Constitution as well.  After all, Obama has already set that precedent with his recent move to enact his own legislation by edict granting amnesty to illegals in open disregard to existing Federal and State laws.

The U.N. Speaks: The Arms Trade Treaty Will Affect “Legally Owned Weapons”