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Turkey Wages Pan-Islamic Holy Way Against Christians and Jews

Hamas Holds Gaza Hostage, Israel Treats Turkish Mercenaries


In the Turkish-inspired, Hamas organized attempt to run arms and other possible contraband into Gaza, a region quarantined due to the Hamas terrorist regime there that seeks to import weapons to slaughter Israeli civilians, Israeli units which sought to board what they thought were civilian vessels running a blockade were confronted with attempts to kill the personnel who had boarded the Turkish flagged vessels as they entered Israeli territorial waters in their Maritime Defense Zone (MDZ) which every nation has.

The Israeli personnel, upon boarding the vessels in a manner not unlike the US Coast Guard would in order to interdict a foreign flagged vessel entering the US MDZ, were compelled to take decisive police action, including responding to shots fired and other acts of attempted deadly force in order to conduct their legitimate mission. Despite a propaganda campaign, led by key US and foreign allies of the present American Administration, including the present President, Barack Hussein Obama, to force Israel into a face=saving measure to “prove” its innocence, designed to cause the blockade against Hamas importing weapons to murder civilians to end, Israeli officials have refused to back down.

The Israeli Defense Force has stated, without reservation, that, now that the true nature, intent, and association of these mercenary Jihadists who manned the ships is known, the State of Israel will treat any further efforts to run the blockade and supply Hamas with weapons to murder civilians as military action.

Israel for its part has not objected to legitimate aid going to Gaza or anywhere, unlike the Pan-Islamic Regime in Ankara (Turkey) which refuses to allow ANY aide into Kurdish lands that it occupies illegally, however, after removing heavy weapons and other unspecified contraband that would aid Hamas in its terrorist operations, the goods that would NOT have been blocked from entering had inspectors discovered only those items on board and had they not received hostile fire from Turkish mercenaries on board, were taken off and sent to Gaza. The Hamas terrorist regime, which seeks a Jew free and Christian free Middle East, has refused to accept the goods.

The people of Gaza are being held hostage by the Pan-Islamic movement, which uses Hamas as the boots on the ground to keep them in order, in order to create the illusion that they are somehow refugees and that they are being treated poorly by Isreal. Essentially, the Pan-Islamic coalition is purposefully harming Arabs in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria in the same manner that Hitler’s forces staged “attacks” by Poland against German troops as a pretext for wiping out that state.

The Pan-Islamic regimes of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt may all want to compete for dominance of a future Jew and Christian free Middle East, but they often work together, even if begrudgingly, to kill Christians and Jews and take over, destroy, and wipe out their holy sites and any evidence of their heritage in any of the lands of their ancestors. Turkey’s occupation of Constantinople, for instance, which was taken in a genocidal war of aggression, continues today and efforts to destroy and deny the very idea of this Christian Holy City as being, by birthright, the possession of Christians and NOT Pan-Islamic fanatics, have never ceased.

Christians own, and have a birthright to, Lebanon, most of Turkey, Assyria’s homeland in Iraq, and Alexandria Egypt and the Jews, as caretakers of the land of Israel, own a birthright to Judea and Samaria, the Negev, the tribal lands bordering the Mediterranean sea, and a good chunk of the east bank of the Jordan, but these claims are often not pressed in the name of peace and tolerance by the benevolent Jews and Christians who prefer not to shed blood over soil.

In comparison to all the Middle East and North Africa, these lands are a drop in the bucket, but the Pan-Islamic regimes and their running dog allies in US media and State Department, have presented this idea that we need to divide even Christian and Jewish lands: they have already vanquished any form of Christian statehood in ALL of the Christian homeland and now they are seeking to finish the Jews off!

Once this is accomplished, the next phase of the Pan-Islamic agenda is to move the battle into Europe and America, always playing the victim card, calling places that don’t belong to them “holy”, and using murders and assassinations to frighten anyone who might dare to speak out, or even run a simple cartoon!

The blockade running Turkish mercenaries and other foreign nationals who were on those ships were seeking to wage war on Israel in one of two ways- either by surprising the Israeli personnel and landing anyway or by using their failed military raid, under the guise of civilian vessels, to spread the lie that Israel had attack “innocent civilians” without cause.

Wounded mercenaries from the ships are being treated by Israeli personnel and will be returned home, according to local sources.

Meanwhile, the Pan-Islamic regime in Ankara is demanding that Israel be punished even as Turkish forces continue a war of genocide against the Kurdish People like their genocide of Armenians, Christians, and Greeks over the past 150 odd years. Until Turkey is humbled and made to pay for her crimes against humanity and until Turkish occupiers leave Christian lands, the Pan-Islamic agenda will not be contained and will continue to threaten world peace.

The present US Administration, with a President who was once considered a friend of Lewis Farrakhan (a Pan-Islamic extremist) has thus far defied the sentiment of the American People and the sense of the Congress and refuses to make any substantive efforts to stop the tide of Pan-Islamic aggression which is threatening world peace.