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Slash and burn politics of the right. Whatever you feel about Donald Trump, going around slamming his supporters, calling for an intervention, certainty isn’t going to endear them to you.
Why should I be surprised?
While the left makes war, the right plays gotcha games against its own.
So utterly fed up with you conservatives. You deserve to lose.

Soldiers, not petty fools.
Warriors, not political play pals.
Man up. Woman up. Find your unity and fight.
Or else get the proverbial out of my way
Some of us have real work to do.

If you have a child, and you see what’s unfolding in this nation, and you choose to walk away, you choose to destroy your competition, you choose to build your blog or your personal brand name, you choose to attack everyone who doesn’t quite meet your conditions of purity, when this whole thing collapses, and something even more vile, even more oppressive emerges, you remember, as your child’s dreams are destroyed, as some of them wind up as political prisoners, that you chose to play games instead of to stand and fight.
There is a wide coalition of liberty out there. We need to stop playing games and start waging WAR!

What would a right of center army look like on the battlefield?
There would be numerous private armies launching uncoordinated attacks.
When one private army started to get some headway, other private armies would destroy it because THEY want to be THE center right army.
The top leaders would spend more effort building up their blogs and maneuvering to get on the media circuit than actually engaging the enemy.
I’m DONE with this loser army.
My daughter is 10. You cowards and fools are NO help.
I will walk with anyone, work with anyone who upholds the basic standards of liberty, who pledges to leave other people alone and battle anyone, from the left OR the right, that fails to live up to that simple standard.
There is a coalition of liberty. I think many of you on the right aren’t in that coalition, either because of your beliefs, or the games you play for your own short term gains.

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