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Progressives believes in a Utopian end to their struggle to fundamentally change America.  As beleivers in Utopias, they have come to another value- by any means necessary.  This ‘by any means necessary’ is the value which allowed the progressive ideologues, and their opportunistic allies, to create the Race Hate Narrative that eviscerated the fundamental rights of George Zimmerman and many others connected to this case.  What follows is a detailed analysis of this case and how the progressives and their allies willfully and with malice altered the truth and marketed hate, for the good of the whole:

trayvon martin marketing hate

Introduction and Caveats:

Before I begin my report, I want to make clear a couple of points going forward-  the fact that a 17 year old young man died is a tragedy.  The young man will never have a chance to fully develop as a man.  But the death of a 17 year old man does not require that someone be charged or found guilty of that death unless the evidence supports such a charge and a conviction.  I will be writing about who Trayvon Martin really was, but not about who he could have become.  I write about who he was not to denigrate this young man, but to show how the progressives manipulated the facts to advance an agenda that was far beyond justice for Trayvon.

In truth, I believe this case, excluding the manipulations by the Martin Family Lawyers, the MSM, and our own government at all levels, is a story of tragic circumstance, where two people misread, or possibly misread, who the other person was and what they were doing.  That George Zimmerman could have done things differently, I can’t even say for sure, as the evidence is decidedly inconclusive.  That Trayvon acted badly and initiated a confrontation he should not have initiated, or at least not pushed so far, I can’t even say for sure, as the evidence is decidedly inconclusive.

Both men, Trayvon more than Zimmerman, because his life has ended, have had their lives tragically altered by this event.  But Zimmerman’s life, while it would have been fundamentally altered no matter what, was further brutalized by the complicit actions of a host of bad actors, from the Martin Lawyers to the Special Prosecutor, from Governor Rick Scott to President Obama.  This report is not so much about this case, but how the manipulation of this case reveals the lengths the progressive ideologues will go to in convincing you that you need a powerful, invasive Federal Government, that individual liberty is an impediment to good, beneficial, protective, powerful government.