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The ‘Gay’ Assault On Your Freedom

The efforts by the so-called “Gay Lobby” to impose their agenda may be disguised as a bid for equal rights, but the reality is that their version of equality makes some more equal than others. They do not allow for the exercise of free association, they deny the rights of free speech against dissenters, they deny parental rights, and they deny the right of self-determination for communities and states. In short, they use their claim to want freedom as a means of denying freedom to others.

To be clear, everywhere “Gay Marriage” is accepted or imposed against the People’s will by judicial fiat, the result is a loss of freedom for everyone who believes that homosexuality is not a right, but a wrong. Efforts to marginalize, vilify, demonize, and otherwise discriminate against or persecute those who speak out against homosexuality on moral or any other grounds are proof enough of the anti-freedom agenda of the ‘Gay’ Lobby.

The current President, in advocating for ‘Gay’ Marriage (and in framing the debate in the absolutist terms of intolerance for all who disagree) is joining in the crusade against the freedom of all Americans who still believe that 6,000 plus years if human civilization teach us that marriage between one man and one woman is natural, normal, and most healthy and that ANY OTHER ARRANGEMENT is societal suicide.

Pan-Islamists Use Terror Threats To Strip Your Freedom

Without successfully landing a blow in over 10 years on American soil, the Pan-Islamist cabal, consisting of foreign powers using “terror group” surrogates in a lateral war, the Pan-Islamists have succeeded in making you less free.

Two new stories have illustrated this point: the TSA ‘groping’ of Henry Kissinger in New York City’s LaGuardia Airport and news that the Pentagon and law enforcement are going to start using military ‘drones’ over the US to potentially spy on Americans.

One might argue on purely security grounds for the necessity of pat-downs and drone flights as ‘fortress America’ replaces ‘free America’, but on freedom grounds it becomes clear that Pan-Islam is winning. The US is moving more and more towards a regimen of tighter internal controls, which would make creating an authoritarian regime more practicable, and less and less towards taking the fight to the enemy.

The main reason for this is that America’s leaders have long been in denial of the nature and identity of the enemy, a trend that started the day after 911 when George Bush sought to meet with Islamic Imams to show that this was not going to be ‘a war on Islam’. The blunt truth is that Pan-Islam, fomented now by Syria, Egypt, Iran, and Saudi Arabia and abetted by Indonesia and Pakistan is the real enemy, and those nations are the true and proper suppliers of men, money, weapons, and propaganda in this lateral war being waged against the free world by the Pan-Islamic Powers.

Japanese Men Don’t Like Women

Soshoku Danshi, or “herbivore men” don’t like women, they don’t want success, and they don’t even want a career and up to 60% of Japanese men below age 35 identify themselves as Soshoku Danshi. In a nation that some predict could literally DISAPPEAR in a thousand years due to its low birth rate, this trend is most alarming. But from a freedom perspective, such a population of docile wimps is custom-made for the would-be dictator.

Could the US be headed in the same direction?

According to experts, these wimpy men emerged as a counter-reaction to a culture that was imbued with ‘political correctness’ and an economy that does not offer much in the way of upper mobility.

In America the ‘metrosexual’ man is emerging. This man is, basically, in love with himself and holds pleasure as his highest ideal, he might be interested in sex, but he isn’t interested in family. He might be interested in money but he isn’t driven to achieve a higher purpose or even pursue a career.

The metrosexual is not exactly like the Soshoku Danshi, but the trend away from men acting like men is clearly under way in America. A society of such men is ill-equipped to resist media manipulation, the lure of government freebies, or the imposition of government controls on their lives outside of their pleasure-seeking.