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You will always be able to find a goon willing to muscle free people for unjust reasons.  The key, usually, is to employ the goon to work in communities the goon doesn’t come from.

The progressives are working aggressively on moving you to not just accept, but to cry out for the federalization of your local police force, so the next person that  comes out to your house won’t be the guy you went to high school with, it will be a guy from 3 states over, whose just following orders.

If you think you don’t trust the police now, wait until they have even LESS accountability, the same level of accountability our federal regulators have.

All of these candidates currently running?  None of them are coming close to addressing the real destroyers of your liberty, not threats, destroyers, for even as you embrace the latest political drama, even as you prepare to watch the next baseball game, your liberty is being denied. An army of unelected regulators never sleep.  Their beans are always getting counted as they figure out the next advance against your very right to be.

They are already figuring out how, without passing legislation, without letting you see what they’re doing, to use existing ‘law’ to expand federal power into your local police sheriff’s office.

You see, the perpetual tweaking of ‘law’ is doing by regulators, operating on the progressive model of ‘living documents’, where words on paper, unencumbered by literalist boundaries, are capable of producing, through great semantic gymnastics, the ‘legal’ changes required to drive the screws in deeper to build their liberty-destroying machines, machines that you, friend, are powering, even as you sit here.

Not ONE candidate is addressing the power of the Spartan social engineers, the invisible regulator class that does in the darkness what no politician would dare do in the public eye, at least, not yet, for you are still not quite sufficiently pacified.  But soon, soon you will be.

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