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Obama’s greatest roadblock to advancing his agenda is you, The Freedomist.

Read on to discover how Obama and the Progressives he represents have a major impediment to their State-Centered Ideology, the Freedomist:

Obama’s 2008 Promise

Do you remember when President Obama said, as a then-candidate for President in 2008, that he was running to ‘fundamentally transform’ America?  He wasn’t using a slogan.  He was very serious.  But why, would you ask, does America need ‘fundamentally transformed’?  The answer is simple- the ideals of Americanism, that of individual liberty, stand in direct opposition to President Obama’s ideals and the ideals of his generation of progressives.

progressive bill of rights

What stands in the way of progressivism becoming the official value system of America is first and foremost the natural rights afforded to us by our creator.  We are speaking here, of course, of the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, the God of Moses, the one true God.

Freedomism, while it does not require a belief in the one true God, follows the ideals of individual liberty as found in Scriptures.  The Freedomist, be they a Christian Freedomist or not, stands in direct opposition to the Progressive.  What follows is an explanation of those differences.


freedomist flag

Individual-Based Liberty- Freedomism

We stand for individual liberty; therefore we promote individual responsibility.

We stand for self-determination; therefore we promote a constitutionally limited government.

We stand for stability and security; therefore we promote a true meritocracy.

We stand for prosperity; therefore we promote a participatory free market.

We stand for fiscal health for all; therefore we promote fiscal responsibility.

We stand for happiness; therefore we promote a return to the respect of virtue.

Our “therefore” is based on the individual’s freedom to be, responsibility to be, and demonstrated ability to be a citizen in a republic founded on liberty for all and for each individual.


Obama- the face of godless progressivismCollectivist-Based Liberty- Progressivism

Progressives stand for collectivist liberty; therefore they promote individual dependence on government.

Progressives stand for collectivist-determination; therefore they propose an unlimited indirect democracy.

Progressives stand for collectivist stability and security; therefore they propose equal results regardless of merit.

Progressives stand for collectivist prosperity; therefore they propose wealth redistribution.

Progressives stand for collectivist fiscal health; therefore they propose stimulus spending.

Progressives stand for happiness defined by the collective; therefore they stand for freedom FROM VIRTUE.

The progressive’s ‘therefore’ is based on the responsibility of the leaders of the collectivist whole to design and enforce laws that guarantee the safety, security, collectivist freedom, and prosperity of the good of the whole at the expense of the liberty of the individual in that state.