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Progressivism is by its very ideology racist, as in, it accepts that race is a major factor in how humans behave.
Early on, progressives targeted blacks as being inferior and dreamed of creating a world without them, a world where the superior races could progress, with proper management from the scientists and the regulators.
Margaret Sanger represents that progressivism, still seen in Planned Parenthood Centers across the nation.
Now, the big brains of the progressive movement, still overwhelmingly white (and, I suspect, still elitist in their views of inferior and superior races) are playing a dangerous game, building a monster aimed at white people.
The real target is simply the middle class which, thanks in large part to Sanger and those progressive-designed ghettos, is still largely white.
The danger is this…. Once the elites have finished off the middle class, will they be able to control their white-hating monster?
Remember, for those of you who read my stuff regularly, progressivism is the reality in BOTH parties.

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