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Christine O’Donnelll, GOP, Delaware Senate Race

Conservative GOP Candidate Christine O’Donnell

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Imagine a candidate with the poise and charm of Sarah Palin, the conservative maverick credentials of Senator Jim Demint, the great staff and stolidness of Mike Pence. Imagines a campaign with the campaign savvy of Matt Moran, architect of the NY23 race that was a \”near victory\” that achieved impossible aims.

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Christine O’Donnell, running in a special election to take Joe Biden Senate seat, is the rare, perhaps unlikely, beneficiary of an alignment of unique factors that could propel a solid conservative into the Senate from a center-left state long dominated by Vice President Joe Biden’s folksy, sometimes incoherent form of blue collar liberalism.

A striking campaign drive to raise money for O’Donnel unabashadly takes a jibe at Biden’s propensity to drop –bombs, not only setting herself apart as a candidate who isn’t afraid to wrestle with the leftwing and its PC agenda, but she also sets herself apart from the other GOP contender, whose timidity and moderateness are precisely the the sort of thing rank and file GOP members have grown weary of these past few years.
O’Donnell’s GOP opponent, Mike Castle, is among the most liberal members of Congress and helped co-author the DISCLOSE Act, which we Freedomists Acts refer to as one of Obama’s Intolerable Acts, and is likely to go along with and support any \”lame duck\” session shenanigens by the Democrats should they lose majorities in the House and/or the Senate.

Because this is a special election, the winner of this Delaware race for Senate will be seated on November 4, 2010 and would be able to support, or resist, any lame duck nonsense Harry Reid, who might himself lose his seat, might consider.

The money bomb,, is taking the web by storm and while it is getting many mentions from blogs, including, it is all the rage on Twitter and Facebook.

It is likely that this campaign is on the fast track to becoming \”the next Scott Brown\” insurgency that will hand over an iconic liberal Seat to The People!

Even as I write, the number of mentions for this story, with appeals to readers to support the \”stick it to Joe\” money bomb, has increased by hundreds of mentions on Twitter and FaceBook and may indeed be in the thousands by this time tomorrow!

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