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This is part one of a series entitled “Dare to Live Free” by Paul Collier- this article may be reprinted in its entirety so long as a working link to the original article is included:

Dare To Live Free-

How do we challenge ourselves to be free and what is the nature of freedom? By Paul Collier of

Challenge Number One- Passing on your values to your children

Ask yourself if you are free:

Are you free to raise your children as you choose?  Unless you can afford to send your children to a private school that echoes your value system, you are mandated by the government to send your children to a public school, controlled, managed, and designed by the Federal and State government.  That school has adopted an entirely atheist value system which it passes on to your children, regardless of the value systems of the parents, which, in the United States is overwhelmingly Christian.

Atheists and secularists will cast their value system as somehow being ‘neutral’, based on ‘reason’, but how neutral are these value systems which abut against every major religious belief system directly, sharply, without equivocation or doubt?  For too long, the atheists and secularists have been allowed to hide behind a lie, that their value system, their faith, their ‘religion’ is somehow a neutral, impartial mode of ‘reason’, but they are just that, value systems.

Take the issue of creation.  By Secularist and Atheist logic, we came into being by some force of magic not directed by any external force.  This belief, in and of itself has ‘natural’ values extended from its supposition:

  1. Cognizant beings are their own governance, meaning, whatever the collective decides is ‘moral’ is just that.  A collective, under this standard, could decide that killing people who don’t belong to the collective is a good and just thing to do.  After all, we don’t want to share valuable resources with outsiders.

The reason why secularist, atheist value systems must be decided by the collective is because no one individual can stand against the might, and thus the right, of a collective against them, unless they opt to live in isolation from the rest of humanity.

2. We are accountable to no one outside of the collective or the mightier neighbor who might not like our loud music

The evolutionary ethos relies on two principles, that might is right and that moral systems must constantly adapt to the utilitarian, or the condition of the environment and technology the collective engages with (in other words, survival of the fittest).  Within the secular, atheist ethos, the only absolute value is the survival of the collective.  Even the individual is sublimated by the necessity of the collective to survive, since he or she cannot stand against the many.  So long as humans continue, in their evolutionary track to operate at the pack, or tribal level, the collective is the ultimate arbiter of morality, a morality based on the further existence of the collective.

Teaching atheist ‘reason’ and secular ‘logic’ as the exclusive method of educating our children is a de facto creation of a state church, a state religion forced on our children, paid for, by force, with our own blood, sweat, and tears, our dollars.

Education is unavoidably tied to the transmission of value systems to our children.  There is no such thing as a neutrally moral education insofar as humans are far, far away from knowing the full truth and reality of the universe they live within.  We don’t even know how to stop people from getting something as simple as a migraine, let alone be able to define the reality of the universe beyond a shadow of a doubt, within the framework of anything remotely approaching pure reason devoid of value systems.

I pointed out in the beginning that if you had means to send your children you have some freedom to pass your value system onto your children, but even at that, if you do send your children to private school, you still must fund the state church, which has become the school system itself.

Schools are no longer places of learning, but rather bible schools attached to the state religion of evolution, atheism, secularism, all in the so-called name of ‘separation of church and state’, a ‘principle’ that can never actually occur, for there is no morally neutral worldview the state can enforce through control of the education of our children by edict, by oppression, by fear of losing your children to the state or fear of losing your home to the state if you don’t fund its church.