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Sound the great chorus of storm clouds

‘We whisper, you hear angels and demons
‘We sigh, you hear war machines and steam engines
‘The light crepuscular
‘Eats dawn and dark
‘We are the rolling in, heads of bulls roiled in the sky’s sea foam

Drink the flames of bolts from the great chorus of storm clouds

‘We moan, you hear stone statues shattered with dank hammers
‘We shift our bodies, you hear nuclear war sirens dissolving your halcyon Sunday mornings
‘The light is a palimpsest
‘Of hurricane pallor
‘We are the unfurling, the great Jolly Roger covering your field of flags

Listen for the still of the great chorus of storm clouds

‘We are the fear puppeteers with our chords of lightning
‘We pull the handle, you dance the paranoia
‘The light is a single candle’s flame
‘resting in the cup of your heart, which has become a projector casting demons and angels

From a single candle’s flame

Sing no more the chorus, but sing alone

The great chorus of storm clouds then
The sound of a soft breeze over the glassy velvet of still seas

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