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William R. Collier Jr.

Salt and Light or Human Planning?

The solution to the godless Progressive war on your freedom will not come from political parties or the current church establishment.  For the socially conservative Christian freedom-seeker, there has got to be a better solution to this problem than politics and religion.

future so bright salt and light christian

The solution is not what your leaders are peddling.  It is way beyond such “fixes” that only tend to feather their nests!
The solution is twofold: the first part is a revelation of the Kingdom of God and the second is the understanding of the times in which we live and how God is going to raise up NEW kinds of NATIONS  and Peoples and whole new civilizations which will be born from the salt and light witness of His People.

The future is not doom and gloom. It is bright and cheery, even if we must first pass through trials and tribulations. You must have a revelation of the Kingdom to understand the new things God is going to do in and among the nations.  With this knowledge, you will see how mere politics and “religion” are not enough to save us, nor are they enough to destroy God’s plans.  You will see that HIS PLANS offer the only solution, the unstoppable solution.

I am with a group of Believers who are working out living the revelation of the Kingdom, people from different “churches” and backgrounds, organized functionally and not as a hierarchy, and this process is still “emerging” over time. In the future, built upon this foundation, I believe that Believers will be in the vanguard, should the Lord tarry, as new nations, Peoples, and civilizations emerge.

What’s in front of us now is to see the revelation of the Kingdom and live it together as best we can, going from “glory to glory”, line upon line, precept upon precept.

This is a challenging and dangerous time and, I suspect, it is only going to get worse before God’s Plan unfolds.   Those of us who do not have a revelation of the King, Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom are likely to fall away under constant social, economic and, ever increasingly, legal pressure and temptation to conform to the new society being built by godless men and women. Those who lack this revelation will also fail to see and understand the new things God is doing in the nations and they will respond to these challenges in the flesh, which will lead to misery and sorrow.

If you see that the old civilization is dying and if you know that, inevitably, should the Lord tarry, a new civilization (or civilizations) will emerge, then you  understand this well- you need a clear revelation of the Kingdom and of your role and function within that Kingdom.  You need to live the Kingdom of God unapologetically  so that you are a salt and light witness for Jesus to the nations.  This is the revelation that will hasten the demise of godlessness and the rise of Godly civilizations, nations, and peoples.

Stop focusing on the dying civilization.  Focus on the Kingdom of God and be prepared to be a salt and light influence as new nations, Peoples, and civilizations emerge (should the Lord tarry).

There is hope, but its not politics or religion that holds that hope, it is a revelation of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom which will enable you to understand and properly respond to what God is doing among the nations.