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Kevin Williamson of the NRO denies the Supply-Side Boom of the Reagan years!

Part One- The False Prophet of Doom?

William R Collier Jr.- Has The NRO’s Kevin Williamson become a false prophet, falling for the trap laid by the Progressive machine?

Here’s the gist of Kevin Williamson’s apostasy- we can’t reduce the deficit or the debt without raising taxes and to even try for a 5% growth rate is pure fantasy, therefore the only solution is to try to reduce spending AND raise taxes, including a Valued Added Tax (VAT).

The problem for Mr. Williamson is twofold- he is falling for a typical Progressive trick and he is, as the “boss” over at NRO, making that once-conservative institution into a virtual apologist for the Progressive party line that growth is bad and taxes are good.

Williamson says he is both for growth and austerity, but his prescription is wrong on two counts- he is focused on saving government instead of the People, and he wants to do things that will ensure that no growth occurs, while he is convinced that 2% is the best America can “expect.”

Kevin Williamson has become the false prophet for an anti-growth, Progressive message of big government coming before the People. He denies that a 5% growth rate is feasible and clings to a 2% growth rate that would reduce working stiffs to near poverty within 10 years because that kind of annual growth doesn’t even equal the population growth!

Not only is he willing to “settle” for such a low “growth rate”, which is not really growth at all on a per-capita basis, but he is also willing to settle, it seems, for the “new normal” of high unemployment, massive regulation, and massive new taxes.

He fails to understand that Progressives want to create exactly this kind of crisis in order to force “deficit hawks” like Williamson (the old GOP, before the Supply Siders, fell for it all the time) to lobby the conservative base for going along with more taxes because, after all, we can never expect spending to really go down and we can never expect the kind of growth that was predicted and achieved by Supply Siders during the Supply Side Boom of the Reagan years.