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The Federal Reserve gets stiff resistance at home and abroad.  DODT lifting challenged by Marine Commandant.  Obama pledges no compromise on Bus Tax Cuts- New Web Browser, more..

Federal Reserve Power Grab through $600 bil treasury buying plan meets world resistence- Top News

Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner, the faces of economic tyrannyThe power of the FED meets American, World Resistance

Your Weekly Address- Obama promises no compromise on expiring Bush Tax Cuts- Freedom Report

Your Weekly AddressObama on Tax Cuts- only for the middle class- or for NO ONE

Keith Olbermann Suspended- who will give us our Worst Person in the World award?- Freedom News

Keith Olbermann Suspended- Worst Person in the World?Inquiring minds want to know- why was Keith Olbermann suspended?

Tax Cuts or Tax Amnesty- John Adams- a real American- discusses- Politics- Comedy-

John Adams- A Real American- Fictional Progressive Hero played by Freedomist Paul Collier

This is political satire- but many progressives will actually agree with this fictional progressive hero played by real Freedomist Paul Collier

MSM, Progressives Claim Election 2010 Southern Losses were ‘racist revolts’- Freedom News

Bible Belt Rejects Progressive Godless AgendaFreedom, not race, defined the Southern rejection of the democratic progressive agenda

Openly Gay Military Service could undermine Marines Stability says Marine Chief- Christian News

Marine Commandant James T Amos resists lifting DODTMarine reality stands in the way of Obama plan to allow gays to openly serve

Paycheck Fairness Act comes to Senate Floor November 17th- will Machin, Kirk stop it?- Lame Duck Congress Watch

Lame Duck Senator Chris Dodd, pushes for Paycheck Fairness ActObama’s latest attempt to fundamentally transform America- Paycheck Fairness Act

New Teaparty Members to hold GOP accountable- Politics

Teaparty Revolution reaches congressA Teaparty congress unsettles the ruling class and the MSM

Iran-Iraq border oilfield project is under way- World News

Iran-Iraq allianceAmerican blood and money paves way for emerging Iranian ally- Iraq

Gold Standard gets powerful advocate- World Bank President Robert Zoellick- Business News

Gold Standard advocates gets powerful allyThe Gold Standard- once the standard that all world currencies followed- is becoming attractive once again.

New Social Network Based Web Browser could change the net- Rockmelt- next evolution of browsers- Tech News- Web

Rockmelt- the next evolution in web browsing- web tech

Rockmelt is coming- today is the day- new web browser unveiled

Bio-Fuel nightmare- if you thought fossil fuels were dirty, wait tiil you get a load of this- Green News

Bio Fuel nightmare emerging in Europe

Bio-fuel pollutants could be more damaging to environment than fossil fuels