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Confronting the GOP Statists

It is time for the Coalition that will oppose Obama to make itself known, to form around our standard, the Bill of Rights, and to put aside the differences we cannot hope to settle or address under the progressive state Obama and the operatives that support him are currently building. These operatives, allies, special interests, paid benefactors, etc come in many flavors. Some of them even claim to be conservative, card-carrying members of the GOP.

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Salafism and Statism: Partners In Crime

Salafism has become the handmaiden of Statism and it is no wonder that some conspiracy theorists think that terrorism, and acts of terror, are produced by their own government to frighten everyone into giving up their freedom; in the end the bad guys win because both the Salafist and the statist want you to lose your freedom. The surveillance state and the Salafist “caliphate” are so much in tune with one another….it’s frightening. Statism and Salafism are not really enemies, they’re partners in crime.

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