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Salafism and Statism: Partners In Crime

Salafism has become the handmaiden of Statism and it is no wonder that some conspiracy theorists think that terrorism, and acts of terror, are produced by their own government to frighten everyone into giving up their freedom; in the end the bad guys win because both the Salafist and the statist want you to lose your freedom. The surveillance state and the Salafist “caliphate” are so much in tune with one another….it’s frightening. Statism and Salafism are not really enemies, they’re partners in crime.

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Making Christ Illegal

We covered a story last month about the SCOTUS Ruling on Prop 8 and DOMA. We wanted to remind you of the story and to emphasize the real focus of the story, the criminalization of Christ by the progressives. This is the real story behind the push for so-called gay rights. What follows is an explanation of how the fight for progressive hegemony over America needs to imprison Christ to complete the task, and how ‘gay rights’ prvodes the perfect vehicle to accomplish that task

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