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Tag: Same Sex Marriage

Declaring Faith in the Face of the Rising Persecution

In the natural, governments are free to define law as they see fit, and God will be the judge of those governments, not me. But this battle is not at all about liberty for homosexuals, but about oppression of the true believers of the one true faith, the faith of the way of Christ. I stand openly and proudly against this militancy, but with love in my heart for those who are attacking us.

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Covenant Breakers- The Supreme Court Ruling on DOMA from a Christian Perspective

….the case for the state to define marriage or not to define marriage is not what I am attempting to show here. I will let God deal with who He will judge and who He will have grace on as far as states and nations are concerned. What I am hoping to show you here is not why “Traditional”, God-based marriage should be upheld but why you, as a Christian, should be in great anguish over the lost around you, as reflected in the willingness of a people to make such ‘legal’ and symbolic pronouncements against God’s sacred covenants with the earth and with man.

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