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The Race-Baiting Monster Game of Progressivism

Progressivism is by its very ideology racist, as in, it accepts that race is a major factor in how humans behave.
Early on, progressives targeted blacks as being inferior and dreamed of creating a world without them, a world where the superior races could progress, with proper management from the scientists and the regulators.
Margaret Sanger represents that progressivism, still seen in Planned Parenthood Centers across the nation.
Now, the big brains of the progressive movement, still overwhelmingly white (and, I suspect, still elitist in their views of inferior and superior races) are playing a dangerous game, building a monster aimed at white people.
The real target is simply the middle class which, thanks in large part to Sanger and those progressive-designed ghettos, is still largely white.
The danger is this…. Once the elites have finished off the middle class, will they be able to control their white-hating monster?
Remember, for those of you who read my stuff regularly, progressivism is the reality in BOTH parties.

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Remnant Rising- a Letter to Americans and the Occupiers

Ten years from now, God willing, the progressives will be routed from our land, from our media, from our courts, from our schools, from our entertainment, and from our governments. If your words and your actions of today are preserved, will you be counted as a resistance fighter or as a collaborator with the enemy? Will you enable Hitler, Mussolini, Pope Pious III, Stalin, etc. or will you be counted as one of the few who stood up to the tyrants when no one else would, when everyone else considered it politically incorrect, or even dangerous, to do so?

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The Doctrine of Hate, as told by Che

Here is a quote from Che Guavara created as a Facebook meme. The narrative should be similar to what you see coming from progressives today. They will not overtly say what Che said, but their fruit shows this ideal based on hate is the truth of their ways. Without hate, they cannot isolate and destroy the opposition to their collectivist utopian dreams:

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The Future’s So Bright….

The solution is not what your leaders are peddling. It is way beyond such “fixes” that only tend to feather their nests!
The solution is twofold: the first part is a revelation of the Kingdom of God and the second is the understanding of the times in which we live and how God is going to raise up NEW kinds of NATIONS and Peoples and whole new civilizations which will be born from the salt and light witness of His People.

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Freedom is the BIG DOG

We have to be sure of what WE MEAN by freedom, and we have to INSIST that this is the freedom we own, we want, and that we are not willing to surrender under any circumstance. We have to stop arguing and start living, because when we no longer cower at their incessant yipping, whether it is the protectionist media or the progressive indoctrination center leaders (aka academicians and the NEA), when we just don’t care, then, and only then, will that gate swing wide open, leaving the little progressive dog naked before the truth at long last.

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The Science of Progress- Why Progressives Need “Race” to Win Elections

The progressives have two paths to pursue in eradicating the non-self-hating whites as a vital force in American Politics. They are pursuing both paths at the same time. The first path is simply to create enough division amongst the ‘whites’ to render the white vote a non-factor as a collective voice. On that front, they are doing a great job.

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The Roadblock to “Progress”- Freedom and Liberty

The Bill of Rights relies on individuals being free to choose and live virtue. The Progressive Bill of Rights relies on coercion to demand conformity to their concept of the collectivist virtue. The Bill of Rights is built on a need to be free to live out our faith, or not live out a faith at all. The Progressive Bill of Rights coerces us to follow a faith in collectivist man and the leaders of the evolving Collectivist expression of man’s perfection.

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Liberation From America’s Progressive Brotherhood

Progressive, the role of the state is virtually unlimited, leaving them itellectually powerless to resist the rise of a despot. In fact, Progressives cannot even spot the early warning signs of emerging despotism, which explains why they embrace groups likes the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a rightist religious Progressive organization that believe the state is the arm of Allah.

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