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Freedom is the BIG DOG

We have to be sure of what WE MEAN by freedom, and we have to INSIST that this is the freedom we own, we want, and that we are not willing to surrender under any circumstance. We have to stop arguing and start living, because when we no longer cower at their incessant yipping, whether it is the protectionist media or the progressive indoctrination center leaders (aka academicians and the NEA), when we just don’t care, then, and only then, will that gate swing wide open, leaving the little progressive dog naked before the truth at long last.

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The Science of Progress- Why Progressives Need “Race” to Win Elections

The progressives have two paths to pursue in eradicating the non-self-hating whites as a vital force in American Politics. They are pursuing both paths at the same time. The first path is simply to create enough division amongst the ‘whites’ to render the white vote a non-factor as a collective voice. On that front, they are doing a great job.

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