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Lerner and the Non-Scandal Scandal of the IRS

Gadsden Review- Lerner and the Non-Scandal Scandal of the IRS The constant barrage by the left that there is nothing to see regarding the IRS targeting Tea Party groups is contradicted by the actions of Lois Lerner, who led the department that enforced the...

Correcting Obama….Again….

Gadsden Review- Correcting Obama….Again…. When President Barack Obama lambasted Mitt Romney’s claim that Russia was a central geo-political concern for America, all of the media fell in line with this narrative. It contributed to discrediting Mitt Romney’s...

Blacksploitation Reversed?

Gadsden Review- Blacksploitation Reversed? CNN reporter Don Lemon confirms what many have long suspected- the color of President Obama’s skin makes the press afraid to criticize him: