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Trump’s Social Media Army Crushes All Others

What I’m noticing about Trump’s McCain comments is they haven’t hurt the support I have seen from my friends who already supported him.
The comments, however, seem to have riled up, even more than they already were, my friends that didn’t support Trump before.
What’s interesting, and should be of great concern to any GOP effort to take the White House in 2016, is this pattern seems to follow for all of the candidates.
Every time someone finds some ‘dirt’ on a candidate, whether the progressives found it or conservatives did (the conservatives are doing a great job destroying candidates all on their own), or every time a candidate stumbles, the supporters make excuses, are not swayed,while the detractors add more vitriol.
I’ve seen people unfriend people on Facebook, conservatives, because their candidate is being eviscerated by one of their ‘friends.’
For my part, I won’t be eviscerating candidates, though I will share stories that are sometimes negative about candidates. I also won’t be unfriending anyone because of their candidate of choice in the GOP primary.
Whoever is left standing at the end may find a less than enthusiastic coalition to push them into the White House. It happened in 2008. It was even more acute in 2012, and, so far, in the 2016 season, it’s even more pronounced this time.
Meanwhile, while Sanders is making a show of things, and Tax the Rain Man O’Malley hasn’t even made a ripple, the democrats stand pretty much consolidated around a candidate who, even by their purist progressive standards, is hardly the ideal candidate.
Progressives seem to understand what war is, conservatives do not.
The privateer armies continue to fight their own war against the progressives, and other conservatives (even more aggressively than they fight the progressives), while the progressive army is already disciplining and preparing its troops for the real battle in the summer of 2016.

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The Second-Class Christian- Fallout from SCOTUS’ Gay Marriage Ruling

What makes a race a race? Well, a race, such as there is such a thing, is identified by an appearance. When you are born Italian, through no choice or action, through no behavior or preference, you are Italian.
Homosexuals want to be afforded the same special status as ‘race’ based on debatable science that they are born that way.
But what makes a homosexual a homosexual? It is not a passive state. Just being doesn’t make anyone homosexual. What makes you homosexual is an action, whether it’s being attracted to someone of the same sex or actually fulfilling that attraction.
Now, because of our anti-discrimination laws and the legitimacy of this ‘race status’ claim that is being read into the recent SCOTUS decision by many gay rights activists, an attempt is being made to criminalize, or, at the very least, socially ostracize, anyone who dares declare homosexuality and its attached actions as being wrong.
Any person, business, institution, church, organization, or ministry that dares refuse to challenge the rightness of homosexuality, or decline to participate in homosexual actions that would cause them to violate their own standards will now face ostracism and/or criminal prosecution.
Of course, all of these entities are now locked out of the business of government work, meaning that, effectively, orthodox Christians are a special undesired, rights-deprived class.
Meanwhile, elected and appointed government officials are free to continue to demonize whites, to teach ‘white privilege’ using our coercively collected tax dollars.
To summarize- homosexuality, a ‘race’ defined only by an action, not a passive being, is protected. Whiteness, a ‘race’ defined by simply being, is not protected.
Freedom of Religion, one of the key foundational rights of human action, is no longer protected by this government.
Friends, if we were truly overwhelmingly a people of God, none of this condemnation of faith and whiteness would be happening today.
Homosexuals would be free to live as they choose and no one would be coerced into accepting and participating in their actions, or denied their right to participate.

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