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Daily Freedomist- Freedom News Top Stories- 11-16-10

Pakistan pressed to release Asia Bibi- China funds drug gangs in Mexico- Mexican Border Towns abandoned to drug gangs- Fortress America through TSA patdowns- Center tries to gut Christian values from Tea Party- Unions get Obamacare wavers- Earmark battle and Tea Parties- Disclose Act fading- Cap and Trade last bid- China gets fastest computer- American Hunger- Bitly Bundles- Climate Change needs abortions

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Daily Freedomist- Freedom News Top Stories- 11-15-10

China Canal in Central America- Obama calls Indonesia tolerant- Media brainwashing- Naked Scanners mean US surrender- Asia Bibi Freedom- EPA cap and trade enforcement- Paycheck Fairness on docket- Bachmann, the teaparty, and the GOP- Failed Asia Tour for Obama- Gold Standard Buzz- DNA breakthrough- China hoards rare earth metals

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