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Today the Supreme Court ruled on the Airzona Immigration Law, striking down three of the four key provisions, but they upheld the strongest part of the law, giving Obama a legal loss in the week they are expected to rule on Obamacare’s legality according to the Constitution. The key provision, requiring police officers to identify the immigration status of persons they choose to apprehend.

Other provisions that were struck down were worrisome because they targeted emplyers and renters who provided employment or services to illegal immigrants. Many felt that this was problematic because the law was broad enough to include someone giving somebody a ride or just having some maintenance work done for a few hours.

The key provision upheld gives local law enforcement the power to check people’s immigration status. Opponents worry that “anybody who looks Hispanic” will face extra scrutiny and, while they may in fact be a citizen, they might not have their ID on them.

Proponents argue that illegal immigration is “out of control” and some means of identifying those persons who are not legally here MUST be provided for, and if the Feds won’d do it, proponents say, “the states MUST.”

William Raymond Collier