- A People-Powered Free Press And A Bill of Rights Initiative

For a progressive, the tactic of indoctrinating and exploiting a captive audience like children in a public school is normal fare. They have an ideology that allows them to take any action, exploit any opportunity, because they fundamentally believe they are working for the good of the whole.
We are too ill-informed, or racist, or extremist to see the wisdom of government control as the one and true agent to building an eventual Utopian collective, one where the bad element will be purged or so severely ostracized by society it will have no real voice.
Progressivism, and this is further proof, is anathema to the American ideal of Individual Liberty.
Progressivism has no constraint, save fear of backlash. If they could get away with it, tomorrow, progressives would outlaw all private schools, all homeschools, for the good of the whole. And they would feel righteous about doing so.

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