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Spiritual Freedom Is the Basis of ALL OTHER Freedom

Willliam R Collier Jr

To be free, from a Christian and Biblical perspective, means to have power over yourself, including your own flesh, through the Spirit of God, and to thereby have and experience the abundant life both in this world and in the next. To be under bondage to others or even your sinful flesh, so that you cannot have and experience the abundant life, is slavery. We are not free, as God himself defines being free, when we are in bondage.

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When two or more are gathered in the name, or authority, of Jesus Christ, HE is in the midsgt of them. To be able to come together and exercise the authority of Jesus Christ in our midst, in terms of our relationships and associations, is to establish the dominion of the free- this is freedom in Christ.

It is not merely being free as individual but being able to come together (two or more) under the authority of Jesus Christ to freely exercise His authority in our midst. By practricing the domion of the free, in essence our relationships and associations being governed by us according to God’s righteous standards of love and truth, we experience Christian freedom.

This kind of freedom, as opposed to the libertine “freedom” which the world offers, cannot be imposed on others and while it truly must inform how we conduct ourselves in ALL areas, even who and what we vote for, it is not a “political” thing, it is essentially spiritual. Spiritual trumps and has power over the physical, the world of the flesh and of linear reality. This kind of freedom must be understood, embraced, and practiced in order to be experienced. It does not depend on and is not defined by legal status or politics in general.

Even oppresssed people who are unjustly denied their civic rights of participation can still obtain such freedom in Christ and can practice that freedom. God Himself is their provider and their protector and, ultimately, their unjust treatment will evike a response from God on their behallf.

Where such freedomer, CAN be practiced openly and without real hindrance and yet people fail to practice it, but, rather, where such peoplle choose to trade in Christian freedom for worldly libertinism, it is inevitable that they will lose ALL other forms of freedom which flow from the spiritual freedom in Christ that has been rejected. In short, if we fail to exercise our spiritual freedom in Christ we will LOSE all other forms of freedom!