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Let’s Get Off Of The Progressive Slave Plantation

William R Collier Jr

The seduction of Progressivism is as old as humanity. Some false prophet or tyrant makes baseless accusations against God and good people in general, followed with promises that are truly too good to be true, and all for the price of individual and shared freedom.

The serpent in the garden of Eden sounds like a modern day Progressive who, when confronted with the plain truth of God, replies by asking, “did God REALLY say that?” Like the foolish Eve, many fall for it and take a bite of the fruit from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” In other words, the tree of “personal liberty to DO good or evil, whatever suits you.” As the serpent said, so say the Progressives who deny the present working of God in human affairs, “then shall you be as gods.”

The entire “separation of church and state” mantra is rooted in this deception that what God said He did not mean and that we can be “as gods”, not needing ANY objective standard or truth to guide and direct our actions.

For the Progressive, there is no real evil, all of us are inherently good and evil is what happens when the external influences in our life are negative- things like poverty, dirty air and water, racism, sexism, an etc. By removing or preventing these things, so the logic goes, we can create new types of people who are inherently good and who will naturally do good.

The old canard against God is that He “allows” bad things to happen. For Progressives, man is inherently good so if God was truly loving, He would prevent evil from happening. The Progressive fails to realize that the “good” that might come from preventing all evil would require a greater evil- taking away ALL human freedom! Only by making humans robots without the ability to act freely, even wrongly, can humans have freedom.

Progressives might SAY they want freedom, as did the serpent, but the net effect of their approach is that if they truly want to prevent “bad things”, they have to exercise a restraining power over the freewill of everyone!

God tends towards punishing evil after the fact, not trying to stop it by denying EVERYONE their freedom! The Progressives ignorantly and arrogantly presume to have godlike powers to so control people before they can do wrong as to prevent the wrong from happening- in essence they replace the law of the Spirit with the hard and inflexible laws of mere mortals to acheive goals that are simply impossible to acheive.

It is important to understand that if you buy into the Progressive promises, you buy into this Progressive worldview which is the basis of those promises.

Progressives promise that they can use the power of the state to prevent the conditions that influence even inherently good people to do bad things and thereby create a virtual paradise on earth.

Freedomists see people as inherently flawed, in need of a Savior, but capable of being used by God to do impossible thing but that Freedomists also TRUST people with their own individual and shared freedom to chart their own course and succeed or fail on the basis of that choice.

Progressives see people as inherently good, but only capable of resisting the draw towards what Progressives deem as “evil” if they are fenced in by laws, regulations, and taxes to prevent them from doing bad things.

The key component of Progressivism is the notion that people will only be able to fulfill their inherent goodness if their environment is managed to remove all things that draw people towards evil. This management of the environment is not some nebulous and harmless thing, at least with regards to human freedom.

If you’ve ever heard the corporate phrase “managing for results” you have the essence of how Progressives see everything and everyone. The Progressives take a concept that has limited value in the areas of individual goal setting and corporate goal setting and they apply it broadly to areas where no real “management” is possible UNLESS you edge out individual and shared freedoms.

By applying the concept of “managing for results” to society itself, the Progressives set up a system where there are a few “managers” in the big house on the hill “managing” all the toiling masses out in the fields. In other words- the group that cries so many crocodile tears over slavery turns out to be the biggest holder of slaves in the land!

How ironic that the Democrat Party was the party of Jefferson who spoke so well about freedom while owning slaves! How ironic still that Jefferson, a Deist, used his own separation of church and state thesis and started the ball rolling towards a godless secular state- he, the champion, as claimed by Progressives, of THEIR kind of freedom, owned slaves just like Progressives, who tout their brand of freedom, always create policies that put people in bondage.

The Progressives have two types of slaves on their plantation- tax slaves and vote slaves. They do their best to keep these two types of slaves at each others throats.

The tax slaves are the producing class who earn money and produce profit. They are vilified, taxed, and, as much as possible, restrained or kept busy so that they cannot impact politics very much. The policy if- take their money, make society loath them, and keep them out of politics.

The vote slaves are given barely enough, from taxing the other class of slaves, to survive and told daily that it is the tax slaves who are to blame for all their woes and that, while things are bad, if its wasn’t for the Progressives things would be even worse! We see this countless times when Progressive policies fail to deliver on their promises- shift the blame and say “it would have been worse.”

The tax slaves stay out of politics, only occasionally asserting themselves, while the vote slaves stay out of profitable business endeavors, believing their prosperity is based on what OTHER people LET them do!

Between tax slaves and vote slaves, with the media and edutainment elites as co-conspirators, the Progressive have created the largest slave plantation in human history- nearly half of the entire US population are imprisoned there and barely any of them realize it!

These victims of the Progressive War On Freedom deserve true social justice- they deserve to not be made tax slaves in order to support the programs that lead to the imprisonment of vote slaves! Vote slaves deserve to be told that they do not need anyone to help them succeed- only God, right principles, and their own hard work are the necessary ingredients for finding “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Progressives need to be sent packing. Anyone who espouses what, in effect, amounts to tax slavery or vote slavery does not qualify for any position where the solemn oath is to defend and uphold our Constitution, which aims at freedom for all, not “managing for results” by a few elite at the top.

Progressivism IS slavery, pure and simple. It promises the bread of human wisdom instead of the Bread of Life, it promises protection from acts that tempt God and fate, and it promises all the kingdoms of power and wealth without the cross of sacrifice. Instead of the ability to pursue godliness, self-sustainability, and self-governance as the basis of liberty, the Progressives propose godlessness, self-indulgence, and big government as the basis of “civil rights.”

While we know from history that security is the ability to mutually support one another in protecting our rights, our persons, and property from all sources of harm, Progressives redefine our rights out of existence, deny the very sanctity of human life, and see property as the possession of the state. Their version of security is a pipe-dream in which, without having the means of being secure, we are to trust others, whose interests are not ours, to keep us secure, making us dependent on people and institutions that are outside of our control and that have no accountability to us.

The simple fools who think they can live on the bread of human wisdom, the lure of self-indulgence, and big government as the grantor of benefits will never comprehend what it is that we are talking about. For these people, whether they are tax slaves or vote slaves, rights come from men and not God and can thereby be modified, human life is a commodity valued only in relation to the needs of the state, and property is first and foremost owned by the state which allows people to keep SOME for themselves.

The achievement of social justice for the victims of the Progressive War On Freedom depends, first, on making them conscious of freedom based on liberty and security. The liberty to pursue (together and alone) godliness, self-sustainability, and self-governance is the opposite of the libertine but state-centered “political correctness” of Progressives. The security of mutual support for the protection of our rights, persons, and property from all sources of harm is the polar opposite of the empty promises of security of our physical needs through policies that water down our rights, deny the sanctity of human life, and replace self-governance with big government.

When people realize what freedom is, and how Progressivism is its sworn and mortal foe, then they will not be ABLE, or willing, to sell their vote as vote slaves for a bowl of lentils or sell their economic independence as tax slaves for 30 pieces of silver.

How do we obtain social justice for the victims of the Progressive War On Freedom?

We start by showing them what freedom is and how freedom, once obtained, looks so much different than life as a vote slave or a tax slave on the Progressive Slave Plantation!