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Richard Sherman BLM 9 15 15Paul Gordon Collier- You loved him when he dissed the 9ers.  You hated him when he got that INT against your team, but now, you gotta love Richard Sherman, full time footballer and part time rabble rouser.  Seems he does NOT like the Black Lives Matter movement and had a few choice words for this peace-loving group, most of which we’d have to put those cartoon asterik thingies on.  The gist of it is this- Sherman don’t like your hatin’ on folks, so knock it off, or he won’t share YOUR hand at the end of the game either.


Racist Black Lives Matter leader “King Noble” made the mistake of assuming that every black man is onboard with the movement. As reported at Newsbusters, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman discovered that Noble posted the picture above of Sherman and a teammate in a post suggesting that the athlete approved of murdering whites. He expressed his disapproval in no uncertain terms on Noble’s own website.

“I did not believe this when I heard about it. I watched your videos. I started a life in the ghetto..I banged like a fool till I woke up. I was not suppressed by any man or woman, white or black.

….if you condone senseless black shootings of whites and police officers, you better make that a debate on Springer, so I can bitchslap your ignorant (buttocks)!

You are what is keeping and making the black race look bad. Wake up fool. Do not glorify this half a man, he has worked for nothing. He chose to keep himself where he is, not the white people. It is time to take responsibility for your own actions, and not act like a stinking fool. Kids and young black men and women look at this site, and believe that they are abused. That is a bold-faced lie. It is out of the mouths of cheap thugs like you that are hurting our young and taking away the chances they have to make themselves a productive part of society. Brothers and sisters: the only slavery in America now is the one you put yourself into. Rise up like Doctor King as taught us, and be a real human being. We are all in this togehter, white and black….