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Report Claims Medicare Advantage Cuts could affect 16 million Seniors on Medicare Advantage by 2017

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US NEWS- Paul Gordon Collier- Dr Robert Book of the Health Systems Innovation Network offered testimony to the Health Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee that is raising eyebrows in senior citizen circles.

Citing an analysis of the Affordable Care Act by the American Action Network, Book claimed that seniors now enrolled in Medicare Advantage could see potential losses in benefits in 2015 of $1,530.   That loss of benefits rises to $3,700 by 2017 when the scheduled cuts take full effect.

The American Action Network describes itself as a ‘think tank’ for center-right policy and has opposed the Affordable Care Act since its inception.  The Obama administration has not directly addressed the findings of the report.

Health Subcommittee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), said, “Thanks to the Affordable Care Act our elderly will see their health care and medicines cut, pay higher co-pays and deductibles, or have access to fewer local doctors and health care providers. Our seniors simply can’t afford less health care or higher costs.”

If the analysis is accurate, 16 million Americans could be affected by the coming cuts.

Brady charged, “These cuts begin hurting seniors in 2015 because the White House delayed most of the original ObamaCare cuts past the recent elections. Although the White House is hoping no one notices, make no mistake that seniors in every state and nearly every county in America will be impacted beginning next year.”

At the hearing, Chris Wing CEO of SCAN Health Plan in California also testified that 80 percent of the Mediacare cuts have not taken place yet.  Once they do, SCAN will beecompelled to cancel some of the current Medicare plans.  He stated that the primary groups affected would be ‘low income and minority seniors.”

You can read the full analysis by American Action Network at h