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If you roll your own cigarettes to avoid the high taxes on cigarettes, the 2012 Highway Bill has a provision tucked inside that is meant to essentially deem small tabacco shops that offer roll-your-own supplies as “manufacturers.”

This provision would potentially force up to1,000 shops to shut down and force everyone who smokes to rely on expensive cigarettes.

While anti-smoking activists applaud the rule, along with many Tabocco companies who compete with the roll-your-own providers, critics are wondering how this matter was inserted, unbeknownst to everyone but the staff who inserted it, into a highway bill.

The inclusion of non-related items in otherwise popular or vital bills is a tried and true method of getting something that might be unpopular by itself to be passed.

Roll-your-own activists are demanding repeal and lobbying President Obama to agree not to enforce this section.

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