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America Without The Truth

The REAL Problem and the Path Forward 

The new head of the Republican Party joined a virtual mass choir of voices trying to make the case that a GOP win in 2012 is the only thing that will save America from the liberal (progressive) onslaught against our precious freedoms. That there is a Progressive war on true freedom (freedom founded on godliness, self-reliance, and self-determination) is clear, but is that REALLY the problem and is the GOP getting majorities in government and picking the next President the solution to the problem? 

If the problem is political, then the solution would be political. 


The Bible says that “righteousness exalts a nation.” 

If you don’t believe the Bible, you won’t believe that. If you DO believe the Bible, then you have to believe that. So, the real issue is, do you believe in what the Bible says or do you believe in what those who deny the Bible say? 

Let’s be clear: if you say you believe the Bible, then you have to know what it says and at least do your level best to follow what it says. If you say “I believe the Bible” and then ignore its words, then you are like someone who says “I love you” but treats the other person badly, and not with love. 

Around 63% of Americans believe the Bible is at least inspired by God and is true, although over half of those believe it is literally the Word of God. This really hasn’t changed over the past several decades, despite years of Bible-hating propaganda.

If the Bible is right, then it isn’t “freedom” to “do your own thing” that “exalts a nation.” It is “righteousness”. 

This word means “to do right”, or to do what is RIGHT. Like it says in Romans 13 “owe no man anything” but “render to each their due”. That is a sort of “righteousness”, and we see in Romans 13 that the state is empowered to punish the evildoers: evildoers who violate right standards in terms of the way we treat each other and Creation. 

If the state protects evildoers, who do WRONG, all in the name of FREEDOM (see 1 Peter 2 where it says we should not use liberty as a cloak for evil), while making life difficult for people who are doing right, then that state is in danger of losing not only its “freedom” but its very life! 

YOU CANNOT BREAK GOD’S LAWS and expect things will go well! 

America as a nation has long forgotten, and rejected, this truth. America’s leaders don’t even think that such ideas have any legitimate place in the realm of public policy or politics. 

Herein is the REAL problem. America’s political institutions have separated themselves from the influence of God’s Word, they have rejected God’s standards for human conduct and the way we use God’s Creation. 

That’s a fact. You can use any amount of philosophizing, arguing over what the founders said or didn’t say, or whatever you wish, but if God is real and the Bible is right, then the assumption that government, public policy, and politics should not conform to a Biblical standard of righteousness within its ordained sphere of authority is not merely wrong, but it is dangerously wrong! 

The problem is simple. America has removed the influence of God and His Word from its government, public policy, and politics in a way that can only earn this ungodly state God’s Divine Retribution. This won’t come from mere men and their schemes, God does not need any help, it will come from God’s own hand. 

The problem points to the solution.

If YOU believe the Bible is true, then you believe that righteousness exalts a nation, therefore when YOU decide who and what to support in any election or vote, then YOU must consult the Word of God as well as your common sense and then your own interests, IN THAT ORDER. 

Whoever wins the election in 2012, if the American voters don’t embrace the Word of God as the best standard for determining how people should treat each other, how we should treat God’s Creation, and how our government should serve its role to punish the evildoer and protect those who do good, then NOTHING can save the state from whatever God decides to do because of its rejection of HIS AUTHORITY.