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Rick Santorum Right to Work- South Carolina Primary voters, meet your true conservative, not so pure- Paul Collier

Rick Santorum champions his unblemished conservative position, but we at The Freedomist have found this claim to be unsubstantiated. Whether he was killing riht to work legislation, or stoppiing the Impeachment proceeding of conservative Bill Clinton (wait, something doesn’t seem right here), Rick Santorum sure has lived up to his Conservative Purity in Name Only (CPINO) monkiker- Here is an issue that illustrates Santorum’s hypocricy when claiming conservative purity- right to work.

At the South Carolina Debate this past Thursday, Santorum claimed he HAD to vote against Right to Work Legislation because his state was not a right to work state, even while he said as President he would be FOR national right to work laws. Methiinks I see a double-speak here. IF you don’t believe me, take into consideration Rick Santorum’s Republican Predecessor, Pat Toomey, the man who was delayed a seat in the Senate back in 2004 when Rick Santorum, that bastion of conservative purity, threw his pure conservative values behind Arlen Specter.

Pat Toomey, a consistent fiscal conservative, and the former congressman of this writer’s (Lehigh Valley rocks!), voted FOR right to work legislation DESPITE being in a non-right to work state. Hmmmm. Here is Santorum in the debate, followed by Pat Toomey in March of 2011, sponsoring right to work legislation by another bastion of conservative purity (an actual one, not just one of those proclaimers), Jim Demint:

SANTORUM: And with right-to-work, look, I represented the state of Pennsylvania, which is one of the — which is not a right-to-work state. If you look at who voted for the right-to-work bill in the Congress, those who came from right-to-work states voted for it. Those who came from non-right-to-work states represented their states. I wasn’t going to vote in Washington, D.C., to change the law in my state.

I support right-to-work. I actually, as president, will sign and advocate for a right-to-work bill, but when I represented the people of Pennsylvania, I made the decision that I wasn’t going to do in Washington and change the law in my state when my state didn’t want to have that provision in their laws.

From Pat Toomey: TOOMEY TODAY, in March 2011, co-sponsored with Jim Demint the National Right to Work Act to reduce workplace discrimination by protecting the free choice of individuals to form, join, or assist labor organizations, or to refrain from such activities.

How do you like your conservative purity now Santorum fans?

For those who really need a clearer picture, check out the addendum below illustrating his right to work betrayal:
1. Rick Santorum votes with pro-Union liberals.

a. Rick Santorum voted against repeal of laws the require workers to payunion dues or fees in order to hold those jobs, whether they wanted to or notand whether they agreed with the Union’s politics or not.

b. Rick Santorum voted — repeatedly — to keep an old law on the books requiring thefederal government to dig deeper to pay, through its construction contractors,“prevailing wages.”

c. Rick Santorum voted to Prohibit Employers From Hiring Permanent ReplacementsFor Striking Workers — Firing them and replacing them as Reagan did with theillegal air traffic controllers strike.

d. Santorum Voted AgainstBinding Arbitration To End A Railroad Labor Dispute.

e. Rick Santorum votedwith the Democrats trying to force the unionization of Federal Express.

2. Rick Santorum voted with the teachers union toretain the “North Korean” model of public education and against school choice,merit schools, model schools, and decentralization.
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