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Obama versus the American remnant- how Obamacare is the tip of the spear against Constitutional Rule of Law- Paul Collier


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The American Remnant and the Obamacare assault- Paul Collier

Introduction:  President Obama’s assault on the Constitution, Rule of Law, is met with little resistance by the American people-  Why?  I propose the reason why is that the “American people” are all but exinct, only a remnant survives, and that remnant appears, so far, not strong enough to resist the regulation king, the President who showed all future tyrant presidents the path to political fascism- regulations.  If the “American people” were stilll the majority in America today, leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and so on, President Obama would have been impeached for his open disregard of the Rule of Law in America today, his outward, naked attack on the Constitution as he moves to finish off the American remnant, to fundamentally transform America, a job begun over a hundred years ago with the rise of progressivism.

Now, with the Obamacare contraceptive mandate, that assault can no longer be doubted, and only the American remnant stands to defy the regulation king.  Where do you stand?

Obamacare or the Rule of Law- the fight for America

President Obama is making it clear through his surrogates that he will not budge on the issue of religious freedom versus the government mandating that its citizens should have licence to murder the unborn and practice guilt-free, worry-free sex thanks to the wonders of chemistry.

His surrogates and the other parrots that get the progressive talking points for the day, are now moving the narrative that a woman has a RIGHT to demand contraceptives, because contraceptives are healthcare.

This is the progressive mindset, that their values are rights and our values are ‘politiciziations’.  At least this is how the progressives hope to pull off this major assault on religious freedom, an assault that, so far, is not being severely opposed by the protestant branch of the body of Christ or other Faiths in America today, including the Muslim community.

While Catholic Bishops stand in open defiance of the Obama attack on our freedom to follow and obey our God, Protestant leaders are voicing only a tepid, uneven, ununified, uncooordinated response to the Obama move against freedom.

In America today, Obama’s approval ratings seem pegged almost exclusively to economic indicators, with little or not concern over the assault on Christian morality by this faux Christian president, who invokes Christ to convince you to pay your taxes and vote for more taxes while he blasphemes Christ with Obamacare mandates that make the federal government the de facto murderer of millions of unborn babies who got in the way of convenience.

Twenty years ago, if an American President made the moves this regulatory king is making I believe that Americans would take to the streets and demand this man be iimpeached for refusing to follow the Constitution he pledged an oath to defend.

But today, in an America, there is hardly a whisper- and if you do shout out in resistance, the American people as a whole are now prepared to call you an ‘extremist’, while they continue to obey their de facto mastier, the regulation king, Obama.

Why is America so ready to go softly into that good night (to borrow a phrase from Dylan Thomas), because Americans are no longer Americans.  There is a remnant of Americans in a sea of godless agents who are mostly focused on their own personal sensory satifsaction.  So long as they have the candy and the sex and the cheap food they are happy little lemings meandering towards the cliff the regulation king is guiding them towards.

The American remnat may be as little as 10% of the country, most likely not more than 20%- a segment of America that understands the basic values of the Consitution, that knows about and understands the principles behind the bill of rights.  The rest of America is a hodgepodge of special interests that can be mostly divided (there are plenty of micro-groups that fit into none of these categories, but their numbers are so small as to be insignificant in the overall struggle for the America of the 21st century) into a few major categories (each of which have plenty of subsets).

What I am describing here are the largely unpolitical, or casually political, not the ideologues, who, while they lead the uninformed, can only lead if they have swathes of uninformed who willl identify a personal need met in the ideology they espouse-

This America is comprised of:

progressive youth

– who have been indoctrinated by our education, news, and entertainment institutions to believe the progressive party line that the government knows best and freedom is bad (unless it is the freedom to satisfy the senses)

fiscal conservatives

-who believe that if we just fix the economy everything will take of itself (so don’t lets even talk about those extreme social issues, they’re just wedge issues that willl prevent us from winning elections- and it’s all about winning elections, even if the winners are people who will not stand up for social values and continue to allow godless progressivism to rule the hearts and minds of our children),


-who have a live and let live philosophy that flies in the face of common sense (in large social systems, decisions MUST be made about social values- a position of neutrality is never an option)

Progressive-Lites                                                                                                                       – who believe that government is the only solution to taking care of the poor and needy and meeting the needs of the people who can’t be served by a Free market- these folks don’t necessarily want complete government control of their lives, but they are willing to sacrifice freedoms ‘for the good of the whole’ and view the Constitution as an antiquated document that doesn’t understand the sophisticated new reality of a society that must look after the needy ‘by any means necessary’

The ideologues are the progressives, the socialists, the classic liberals (most closely allied with progressive lites, but not with them when it comes to international policy, where they still see a role for America as the leader of the free world), the limosine conservatives (so-called fiscal conservatives, really corporatists that look to utilize government regs to raise the cost of entry for new blood into the capitalist marketplace that they fancy they own), the religious conservatives (many of whom insist on government laws that all but force people to obey their God’s rules, even in matters not explicitely related to man’s connection to the natural world), and the remnant, the Constitutional Freedomists, who understand the founding principles of our nation, Unitiy in Diversity, Popular Sovereignty, Democratic Equality, Rule of Law, as espoused in numerous places in the bible (especially Romans chapter 12), principles of governance that describe godly relationships and

it is easy to see how President Obama can continue to get away with his efforts to ‘fundamentally transform’ America, to make it a godly nation that recognizes the freedom and sovereignty of its citizens and local communities to a godless nation that is beholden to everything, including its morality, from a godless gang of big-brained thugs working it all out for the rest of us from their comfortable, gilded cages in Washington DC.

Read the article in about the Obama administration’s open defiance of the Constitution, the violation of the principle of Rule of Law, of Unitiy in Diversity, of Popular Sovereignty, and Democratic Equallty-

– excerpt below


…. – **Written by Doug Powers With the Supreme Court hearing the Obamacare case this spring, it’s unlikely we’ll see the administration admitting that swaths of the law were not thought through…- ….

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