- A People-Powered Free Press And A Bill of Rights Initiative

The Rule of Law is pure power. Have at it folks. Thank you progressives for all that you have done to take our gloves off for us.

The language of the progressive is power. There is no other foundation of truth for the progressive. You must meet the progressive in this language and this language alone in the field of
‘law.’ The only standard is this- who holds the power?
It is time to make the empire of death shake.

The only candidate that understands and has demonstrated power is Scott Walker. No one else is even close. They all have warts, including Walker, but no one ever proved they were not afraid to use power in the face of the full force of the WHOLE progressive machine like Walker has.
He gutted them. Like a fish. In a purple state.
I don’t care about rhetoric, pretty hair, family lineage, Walker IS power.

We conservatives have spent far too long playing by the old rules when liberals have completely changed the game. There was a time when laws meant what…

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