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BREAKING– Romney supporter serves on National Restaurant Association Board!

Alexander Burns was the Politico reporter who ginned up a controversy to hurt Rick Perry when he asked a Christian Pastor, off stage, to comment on whether or not Mitt Romney, a Mormon who believes in “another gospel” was a Christian. Of course, Christians reject the idea of “another testament of Jesus Christ”, as the Book of Mormon claims to be< and therefore do not consider Mormons, who have another gospel, to be Christians.

It seems that Burns is now interposing himself into the Cain lynching with his latest piece in which he claims that Cain is in damage control mode while ignoring the failure of Politico to live up to any basic journalistic standards in its anti-Cain hit piece. Burns has been subtle in his efforts to inoculate Romney against potential resistance to his claim to be a jobs creator by means of an old, un-aired ad about his ties to a failed company that received government funding.

Not so with Cain: Burns went overboard to sensationalize the ginned up scandal and seems disconnected from reality with his predictions of doom and gloom over Cain even as Cain holds strong and is getting more donations than ever as conservatives realize that, for once, they have to collectively stand up to the lynch-mob media.

It seems that Burns saves his poison quill for anyone who threatens Romney. Whether he likes Romney or simply knows that a Romney win is good for the left, Romney would lose to Obama as many conservatives refuse to support the closet Progressive RINO, no matter what, is not clear.

What is clear is that Burns saves his “gotchya” lynch-mob journalism for anyone who threatens Romney.

One biographical piece, written as Burns was leaving Harvard and heading to DC, gushed about him- 

“His success as a political blogger also has a great deal to do with his moral perspective. Although his writing is often backed up by facts and statistics, Burns is no policy wonk. Being a history and literature concentrator has sensitized him to the moral and ethical issues embedded in today’s political issues.” 

His “moral perspective” seems to have gone off the mark a bit when anyone has come close to being a threat to Romney.