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Is Romney Behind The High Tech Lynching of Cain?

Mitt Romney is known to play dirty pool, using smear campaigns if need be to destroy opponents, so did he surreptitiously give Politico the so-called information on this story?

Politico has so far refused to reveal its sources and is shamelessly going along with the high-tech lynching of Herman Cain. The accusations have centered around two anonymous women who received what amounts to a severance package after making accusations against Herman Cain which were later dismissed as baseless by the National Restaurant Association. Legal experts have noted that settling with employees who make such claims in order to avoid costly legal fees is more or less normal and is in no way an admission of any kind.

The women in question would be prohibited from revealing details about their case or their accusations, so there is open discussion right now about who gave Politico the news tip and why Politico would run with such a story without substantiation from independent sources, other than that such unfounded allegations, forwarded by a political campaign, fit their agenda.

Suspicion now turns to the Romney campaign, which may want to destroy Herman Cain because Caine stands between him and the nomination as the best true conservative alternative to the rino progressive. As Romney stands the most to gain, and has many connections with political insiders, the politicos who are most served by the Politico, he seems to many to be the most likely source.

A new group is organizing protests against Politico,, after a caller on the Laura Ingraham show called for such a campaign. Ingraham suggested a dot com version of occupypolitico, but the politico quickly snatched up that domain and in a bit of arrogant snobbery, redirected that domain to their lynch piece against Cain. is calling on Americans to support a physical protest against Politico along with a boycott by the Politico.