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Review by Sierra White

FYI: Before you race over to you should know that you cant just download the program. You will need to link your facebook account to rockmelt to get an invite.

Rock Melt combines Social Networking, Chatting, Internet, Google, Searches, IM and many other things right onto one screen!

With Rock Melt (it seems) you won’t have to open 5 tabs just to be on your favorite sites since you can have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc open on the sidebar and chat/IM on the other side. Your tabs are still on top but with side options it lets you keep more open on one screen rather than clicking around to many screens and being annoyed with how many tabs and screens are open at the same time.

For Social Networking freaks, such as myself, I can keep them ALL open while I do my work, use google, check my email, etc!

Rock Melt also offers personalized Searches, URL shortening already built in (so you dont have to go to a website to shorten), faster search engines with more personalized results and soooo much more!

According to it seems there are a few glitches with Rock Melt, but as with any new program , that is to be expected!  Things such as Log In issues and feed problems seem to be the most current issues but Rock Melt is currently working on them as they say, “Around the Clock”.

Check out: for more!

Rock Melt appears to have everything for people who are on the web and would like to save time (and tabs) by keeping everything in one windown and all at the click of your mouse!