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Co-Editor and Co-Founder of The Freedomist, Bill Collier, was interviewed by JAMES HOHMANN  for Politico.  We will give you a full report on all that Bill Collier shared with james Hohmann that was not included in the quotes Hohmann used for the article:


“I vote for the platform, not the man,” said Pennsylvania blogger Bill Collier,  who runs (note:  Bill Collier is Co-editor of The Freedomist, along with Paul Collier) and supported Newt Gingrich’s bid for the nomination. “If  the platform comes out weak, my enthusiasm will dramatically drop because I’ve  got a guy I’m not enthused about. I could overcome that if you give me a good  platform.”

Collier and everyone else buzzed over how much the Romney pick for vice  president will be a big sign of Romney’s ideological leanings as president.  Attendees touted everyone from Marco Rubio to Allen West and Rand Paul.

“If he picks a typical political insider — [former Minnesota governor] Tim  Pawlenty would be a terrible choice, for instance — he could even throw his own  election because there would be enough doubt brought into it,” said Collier, 44. “Why are we going to fight so hard for this?”

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