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RightOnline remembers Andrew Breitbart #RO12

RightOnline remembers Andrew Breitbart- Bill Collier- #RO12

The Right Online event so far has been both inspiring and thought provoking. The day was focused, for the most part, on remembering Andrew Breitbart.

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I met him last year at the Right Online event in Minneapolis. I was awe struck, mostly because, in my own very small way, his attitudes were very much my own. Paul and I often talk about “narrative” and “precedent”, that’s why we both refuse to accept the media’s choice for our color- we are true blue NOT red and everyone knows who the REAL reds are!

Andrew Breitbart was someone who believed, as we do, that we should stop playing the game by the left’s rules- how about we just speak the truth and confront the lies and stop letting the smear merchants cow us?

Back in 1992 Kross Publishing was launched using The Cibola Courier, a free weekly print newspaper that was unapolegitcally conservative in a liberal stronghold. I learned how to change the language and the discussion and thereby win people over, back from the leftist mental prison. I often found myself smack dab in the middle of big events- we were one of (if not the) first newspapers to print the Vince Foster story.

We have been privileged to often play unsung roles or just to be eyewitnesses to major history-making events. Back in 2008 we saw that the freedom-minded were being crushed online and we lent our pittance to change it, but one thing was certain, we KNEW it would change!

For me, Breitbart was like a vindication of sorts for my fighting attitude, an attitude some thought was too outlandish or “unrealistic”- Breitbart allowed people like myself and my brother, and many others, to “come out” as it were and be ourselves.

His death was a blow to me as a person. My twitter profile still memorializes his passing, I haven’t the heart to change it. But WHY?

Because for me Andrew Breitbart paved the way so that I could be as bold as I wanted and now, instead of people saying something like “he’s too unrealistic, that’ll never work” people are more likely to say “Breitbart Is Here!”

The main speakers were Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin. Both have been vilified by the left. Sarah Palin once again was rousing and you can’t take what she says without the context of the beating she and her family have endured for saying it. I know this only a little- I was pilloried for standing u for her as the governance adviser of Team Sarah- I can only imagine what she has endured.

Michelle Malkin struck me as more substantive and emotionally connected than I’ve ever seen her, and I have seen her a number of times. She’s always good, but tonight she was truly “one of us” in thought and feeling.

One of the biggest reasons AFP actually brings in bloggers and new media types, often giving them a “scholarship” of free tickets, hotel, and travel (I was so blessed) goes back to something the founder o Right Online once told me, “we bring the doers together in one place, they connect, and things happen.” There is not, as with the left, any attempt by AFP to “manage” what results from those connections- the assumption is that things will happen, and they do!

As the years move along I have seen many of the people I knew in the “early days” of the Right Online movement acheive great things and play a pivotal role in events that grace your nightly news, often they don’t even get the credit, but that’s not why they do it.

Many decades ago the left started waging a covert war against everything we hold dear, and against the people who defend what America means both spiritually and philosophically, and we, the freedom fighters, are bound and determined to fight back, although not as the left does, with hate and violence- but with love and truth boldly proclaimed and lies boldly exposed.

We didn’t start this war, but we will end it.

Bill Collier- RightOnline Blogger at #RO12