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The True Heirs of Hitler?
Paul Gordon Collier

Nazism is a nationalistic version of Socialism. Many progressives refer to Nazis as being right wingers because of the nationalistic element of their political ideology.

In Pre-war Germany, the political spectrum of left to right was defined by the degree to which you focused on nationalistic ideals, as opposed to ideas which could be equally followed by any other ethnicity or nation.

Conservatives have traditionally been more ‘nationalistic’ in their focus, but not nearly to the degree of the Nazis. For conservatives, their sense of nationalism was defined overwhelmingly by an ideology that was capable of being practiced by any ethnicity, but accompanied a belief that only this nation, America, could fully live out these ideals.

Thus even the degree of ‘right wing’ for which the conservatives shared with Nazis was tenuous as best. For the Nazis, their reason for being, the progress they hoped to advance was a pure race, an arian race that would be the master over all other races (at least those deemed worthy to co-exist with the Nazis).
Conservatives have had no such racial identity or focus, at least no more a percentage of racists, racial thinkers, than any other mainstream political group in America of the 20th century. Their nationalism was geographic in nature, not ethnic.
For the progressive, he comes from a long line begun as far back as the Spartans. These thinkers through the ages shared one thing in common, a belief that the State was the supreme expression of the human, that the collective was the end goal for which individuals could be useful mechanisms or expendable detritus.
This collectivist thinking is where the Nazis came from. The Nazis had much in common with the Spartans, who, like the Nazis, were also race-centered and viewed all other races as being inferior to themselves.
The collectivist thinkers such as one finds in a Lenin or a Stalin were international in their focus. They believed in a world citizen, an eventual world without borders where a one-world state will eventually drive the collective towards the ever-perfecting expression of the State.

In regard to the world citizen versus the national citizen, it could be said that the Nazis and Conservatives have more in common with one another than the progressives and the Nazis, but the Nazis would abhor the pan-ethnic nation the conservative would cheerfully see come to fruition.
The conservative would abhor the loss of individual liberty, the loss of the Rule of Law that must take place for the central planners to be able to rapidly maneuver the collective towards that perfect expression of the just State.
When it comes to government, when it comes to the weight of the individual versus the weight of the state, a progressive of today’s America would walk almost seamlessly with the Nazis. Where they would deviate with the Nazis is over their nationalism and their racialism. On the last front, the racialism, the progressive and the conservative would agree.
Ironically, it is now the progressive who must utilize the politics of race to nudge a vast swathe of low-information votes who would not, if they understood progressivism, vote into power men and women who dream of undermining the very concept of individual liberty and rule of law.

They use white guilt to keep the white race divided and the demonization of whites, especially males, to keep the other racial groups in America overwhelmingly in line with their party.
Perhaps if these other ethnic groups in America understood the nuances of left and right, the scales of internationalism versus nationalism and the scales of government of the people versus people for the government, these ethnic groups would not so dramatically support the one party, the democrats, the progressives, the collectivists.
Perhaps if whites understood the racial manipulation being perptrated by the statists with an end goal of ending their personal liberty and our nation’s Rule of Law they would not be so divided.
In the last presidential election, the most balanced group as far as republican versus democrat were whites, voting about 60 to 40 for Romney. The next closest group, the “Hispanics”, voted for the Democrats 75 to 25, while blacks voted for the progressives by a staggering 95 to 5, numbers which even dictators would blush at achieving.
Unfortunately, the leadership in the GOP, the men and women with the money and the levers to open the secret doors that make and break politicians, have more in common with the progressives than they do true American Constitutionalists.
Because of this, those who are stuck on the progressive vote farms look at the GOP as a non-alternative, trading one slave master for another. Sometimes, the master you have is better than the master you do not know.
Unless the GOP is either soundly replaced by a true Constitutional party or Constitutionalists succeed in rooting out the kinder-gentler progressives from within, the progressive coalition of ideologues, corporate opportunists, and hopeless vote slaves will continue into the foreseeable future.
To get to that place, the Constitutionalists must boldy proclaim that the progressives, as far as their view of the state’s relation to the individual, have a tremendous amount in common with the Nazis. The nationalistic comparison between conservatives and Nazis is a red herring, a false flag, if you will.
While the analogy between the Nazi state and the progressive dream state is almost an exact fit, the analogy between Nazi nationalism and conservative nationalism is about the same as comparing an apple to a strawberry…yes…they are both fruits. For the Nazis and the progressives, as far the state model is concerned, they are both apples- one might be yellow and one might be red, but they are both apples.
It should be noted that in 1938, FDR joined Nazi Germany in enacting price controls, through the Agricultural Adjustment Act, a price control mechanism that still gives this government complete control over our agricultural marketplace. The Nazis actually inherited a defunct price control mechanism by their predeccessor, Von Hindenburg, but quickly enforced it and added production controls as well, making owners of German companies nothing more than shop stewards, managers, of the State’s businesses.
This thinking, by the way, is still with us in the breath of every major progressive political figure in America today, from Obama to Clinton, from Mayor De Blasio to Nancy Pelosi. The progressives are the true political descendants of Nazi Germany, sans the nationalistic, racist fervor.