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How do we fully act as a salt and light witness in the natural?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:



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Revealing The Kingdom of God: A Call To Government

Are we revealing the Kingdom of God by our lives, our witness, our relationships, or our influence?

Are we experiencing God’s possibilities or are we settling for less in our walk, our marriage, or our families?

Are we being agents of influence for the Kingdom of God by exercising our inherent sacred, social, civic, and market authority for the Glory of God?

Are we extending and revealing the ONE Kingdom of God with Jesus Christ at the center or are we building other kingdoms of men?

The bevidence is in, and the evidence shows us that we are, as a People, not modelling the fulness of the reality of the Kingdom of God as we should and as we can. If we were doing this, then Christians would not be getting divorces like the world does, Christians would have unity among themselves, Christians would live and act as family, Christians would not suffer any lack, and Christians would be the head and not the tail in terms of influencing our community for Jesus.

It’s time for Christians to reveal the Kingdom of God and to start we have to answer a call to government, to understand and apply governance in the Kingdom of God among ourselves and through our salt and light witness to the world.