- A People-Powered Free Press And A Bill of Rights Initiative

William Raymond Collier JR

The freedom takers of the Politocracy are on the march, and we must resist them! They’re not RINOs, they are GOProgs! They are like DemProgs.

Then there are the Free Republicans,  that’s US, we’ve been against all forms of slavery, racial division, class warfare, and centralized (corporate/party/state) control by the many over the few since the beginning, when we were called Whigs!

Progs, whether GOProgs or DemProgs, have always been for Politocracy, where the few control politics and where everything is “political”, from your diet and health care to who and what you associate with and what values your children are taught.

The “holy trinity” of the Politocracy is “corporation, party, and state”, it is the only god they actually give homage to. The REAL GOD, Jesus Christ, they MAY give lip service to, but their hearts are as against Him and His People as the crowds that demanded Pilate “crucify Him!” Indeed, they crucify His truth every day in every way they can!

We are the “US”, we are for freedom for all, we are for a people powered free society and self-government. We worship God, in word and deed, not the unholy prog trinity of the Politocracy!

All those others, that’s THEM. They are for slavery of the many under a Politocracy of the few, despite their rhetoric and propaganda, and they are for a corporate and party powered government OVER the People.

It’s US versus THEM. It’s freedom versus Politocracy! Don’t forget that. We either fight to totally defeat THEM and their Politocracy or they totally ENSLAVE US and end our freedom!

Free Republicans ARISE, the only thing we have to lose are these Prog Chains!