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The team from Pennsylvania made a game run in the Little League World Series, falling to Japan 18-11 in the championship game.  Our Pennsylvania Freedomist site covered the saga through to the end.  Here is the article on their journey through the Williamsport tournament:
Red Land Falls Short, but comes home Champions

From the Red Land Little League Facebook Page

From the Red Land Little League Facebook Page

Paul Gordon Collier- #Whynotus was battle cry this mighty team from Red Land began their journey with back in the PA District Tournament they would later win.  #Whynotus carried them through to the PA Championship, the Mid-Atlantic Championship and US Championship.  Not until they met a team from Japan would they taste defeat.  But, despite the defeat, the path to the World Series Championship Game by a PA Team is worth telling.  It is a tale of young men who overcame adversity, who stood in the face of pressure and met it square on.

It is a story that demonstrates how we live out the freedom we have been given, by taking responsibility, by honoring others around us and by standing in the face of pressure with unflinching resolve.  Despite their loss to Japan, 18-11, this is a team that returns to PA as champions, as examples to what CAN be accomplished when you take the bat by the handle, square up and swing.

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